15 Amazing Ear Wire Hooks to Create

Ear wire hooks offer one way to include an additional decorative element to your earring design. Handmade ear wires allow you to create unique designs that enhance the style of your piece. With just some wire and a few jewelry making tools, you can start today making your own amazing ear wire hooks.

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1. Sterling Silver Hammered Swirl Ear Wires


Using 20 gauge wire, these ear wires are hand formed with sterling silver wire and than hammered for shine and security in shape. Ending with a swirl, these ear wires can be worn independently for its design or include a small hanging bead.

2. Bronze Hand Formed Ear Wires


These bronze hand formed ear wires are hand formed with a nice elongated next and curved tip with diamond shape bottom with ending swirl. Made with 20 gauge wire, these ear wires measure at 45mm x 15mm and would look perfect with the right accented bead.

3. Decorative Headpin Earwire


Many decorative headpins are available on the marketplace. These can offer new creative ways to transform your findings into hand formed ear wires. Create a closing hanging loop an use your mandrel to form the top loop. Hammer the top edge for shine and stability to create your own decorative headpin earwire.

4. Kidney Ear Wires


Many fish tail wires and french hooks find themselves slipping out of an ear. These kidney ear wires provide a secure ear wire design that will keep your earrings in place. With 21 gauge half hard jewelry wire, create an additional look at the initial forming of the wire bottom to later wrap around the end tip.

5. Fancy Headpin Ear Wire Hooks


These fancy headpin ear wire hooks were created by recycling decorative headpins and wrapping them into a traditional fish tail hook form. Bend back the end and loop around. Take the remaining wire and wrap around a mandrel to create the top form.

6. Two Tone Wrapped Ear Wires


Using different tone wire when creating your own ear wires is a unique design element all in its own. These wrap around silver ear wires with coiled copper balled wire allows your handing bead to be accentuated with style and added color. Create different shapes and add differing tone wire coils in various designs to create a wide array of two tone wrapped ear wires.

7. Silver Hammered Ear Wires


With hammered bottoms, these sterling silver ear wires are made with 18 gauge wire. A punched hole at the bottom allows jump rings to be attached for accented beads. Total length is approximately 1 1/2 inches. From from your own paddle headpins add findings and components to complete your perfect design on these silver hammered ear wires.

8. Gold Flat Coil Earwires


These gold hammered ear wires have a hammered tip that is looped back with hammered sides on top. With an elongated end with curved tip, these ear wires make the perfect accent for any one of a kind designed piece.

9. Loop Back Ear Wires


These silver ear wires have a long straight tip with a loop back that extends to the peak of the wire. Hammer for stability and shape of the wire. You can wear these alone based on design or add a small dangle bead to bottom. Add different metal wire tones and coil for additional accent.

10. Whimsical Ear Wire Hooks


Getting imaginative with your ear wire hooks can extend your design and add flair to your piece. These whimsical ear wire hooks have several additional loops and swirls to create a free flowing design. Hang a dangle bead down or securely close your loops to create a one of a kind pendant or jewelry component.

11. Circular Swirl Earwires


These hand formed ear wires have a wide circularly top shape with elongated hammered tip with swirl bottom form. Add a beaded dangle or wire formed component to your wires to create your one of a kind jewelry design.

12. Wire Circle Posts Stud Earwires


These tiny circle posts are the perfect stud ear wires that you can hand form with 20 gauge sterling silver wire and flatten. This simple wire loop design stands on its own with a 1/4 inch diameter.

13. Copper Ear Wires


These copper ear wires have a wide looped top that is curved at the tip. The bottom loop is wrapped back and coiled back up the ear wire. This front face loop makes it easy to attach a hanging bead or component for accent. Made with 20 gauge wire, the total size is approximately 20-25mm from top of earwire to bottom loop. The final loop size is 5mm.

14. Hammered Square Ear Wires


Ear wires can come in any shape or size. These hammered square ear wires do not require any additional beads. Made with brass wire and flattened, its unique geometric design stands on its own. These are made with 20 gauge wire and stand at 2 inches in length.

15. Oval Tip Ear Wire


These pointed ear wires are made in a oval shape and met at a sharp curve at its peak. A small loop on the bottom allows you to attach an additional bead or component. Made with 20 gauge wire, the total length of this ear wire is 1 1/2 inch.




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