Your Countdown Planner to Thanksgiving Day

Countdown Thanksgiving Planner

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With Thanksgiving around the corner, it is a good time to create your countdown planner to Thanksgiving. This will help you keep on schedule so you can have a stress free holiday and focus more on spending time with your guests. You will also be able to give yourself some extra time to create more homemade dishes. Just follow this easy guide to get on track from now to Thanksgiving Day.

1 Month Before

Finalize Your Guest List
Sending notice to your guests a month out gives them enough time to plan to come. This will also help you get a final guest count so you can plan your food accordingly.

Plan Your Meal
Now is a good time to start planning your dishes and the ingredients you will need for your meal. If you are expecting a large attendance, you can request some of your guests to bring dishes to ease the load. Plan for any outside contributions ahead of time when you are planning your meal.

3 Weeks Before

Get Your Tools
Get your roaster pan and other Thanksgiving cooking tools ahead of time. Now that you know what your meal will be, now would be the time to start ensuring you have all your cooking essentials.

Check out these great Thanksgiving cooking tools here.

Create Your Shopping List
Make a shopping list for all perishable and nonperishable foods. You will buy these at different times, so you will want to create two separate lists.

Shop for Drinks
Get your drinks ahead of time and store any unrefrigerated ones in a cool dry place. Order any cases of wine so you will have plenty of time for it come in.

Order a Turkey
If you are requiring ordering a turkey ahead of time for an extra large party, this would be the time to do so.

2 Weeks Before

Clean Out Your Freezer
Start making space for your food by cleaning out the freezer two weeks in advance. This will help you to make the space needed to complete the following steps.

Make and Freeze Pie Dough
If you are making homemade pies, this would be a good time to make and freeze dough.

Freeze Homemade Stock
Make your homemade stock early and freeze it. You will be able to thaw right before Thanksgiving Day to use.

Freeze Rolls
Bread is another thing you can prepare ahead of time and easily freeze. Just store in a freezer bag to thaw out the day before.

Decide on Decor
Get your tables and mantels decorated early. Get any plates or place settings you want for the day of and stock up on other fall and themed items now.

Here are some great Thanksgiving decor essentials.

1 Week Before

Shop for Non-Perishables
Get your non-perishables a week before and store in cool dry place.

Prepare a Cooking Schedule
As you gather your food together, prepare a cooking schedule so you can stay on track the day of.

Create a Seating Plan
For larger parties that require additional tables and chairs, create a seating plan. You should already have a final guest list created based on RSVPs received.

Use these seating cards to let your guests know where to sit.

Freeze Soup
Make your soup ahead of time and freeze to thaw out the day before.

Pick Up Your Turkey
If you ordered a turkey, it should be ready for pick up.

Plan Ahead for Leftovers
Plan your meals ahead with leftovers. If there are some additional foods you need to make to pair with those meals, this would be a good time to get those items together.

3 Days Before

Defrost Your Turkey
Depending on the size of your turkey, three days out would be a good time to start defrosting.

Buy Perishable Ingredients
Get your perishable ingredients a few days in advance so they are fresh and won’t go bad before Thanksgiving.

2 Days Before

Make Cranberry Sauce, Pies Crust, and Pies
The pie crusts you froze earlier can be pulled out to can complete your pies and many any other sides such as cranberry sauce.

1 Day Before

Prepare Reheatable Side Dishes
Use the day before to prepare your side dishes. All you will have to do the day of is reheat them in the oven.

Prep Garnishes
Get your garnishes and hors d’oeuvres ready the day before so you will have less work to worry about the morning of.

Bake Pies
Bake your pies now and place aside for tomorrow.

Use one of these great pie dishes for your homemade pie.

Thanksgiving Day

Don’t Stress! Stick to a Day of Plan
Thanksgiving is now a stress free day. Enjoy! Stick to the plan you created and focus on getting your turkey prepared and baked.

The Day After

Use Your Leftovers
After all your hard work, you can sit back and enjoy the days that follow with some easy meals you can create with your leftovers.

With this countdown planner to Thanksgiving Day you will be able to create more time for yourself to spend with your family members and enjoy the season of Thanks.


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