18 Greatest Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

Halloween is the first celebrated day in the fall that is filled with color, festivities, and lots of candy and food. It is commonly represented by decorating with pumpkins. Making a creative pumpkin carving that will accentuate your home and capture the spookiness of All Hallow’s Eve is better accomplished when you are inspired by one of these amazing Halloween pumpkin carvings. These pumpkin carving examples offer a wide array of ways you can use pumpkins as a part of your Halloween and fall decorating.

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1. I Will Eat You!


Nothing says scary more than a pumpkin riddled with splattered blood and loose limbs. Creating your very own pumpkin crime scene is just one way to add some humor and creative talent to your porch. It is sure to entertain children and adults alike.

2. Carnivore


If your pumpkin decides to bypass the human limb from the above example, here is a carnivore pumpkin that will eat its own. Just another way to bring the beastiality out in halloween.

3. The Minion


Not all pumpkins have to be scarey killers. Take your Halloween to new heights and more kid friendly with this great minion character idea. There is a wide array of character ideas you can do with your pumpkins and it is a great way to get the kids involved.

4. Tinkerbell


Another great character idea for your pumpkin, in this example they used a stencil to create the image. What a great way to light up your flying Tinkerbell on Halloween night.

5. Special Theme


Do you have a specific party or area theme you want your pumpkins to match? Here is one set of pumpkins that were created to be nautical themed by the water. Get creative with your own themed pumpkin array.

6. Decor Element


Here was a dimensional fireplace created with these set of pumpkins and used as an indoor decor element for fall. There are other creative ways to use pumpkins as decor by creating a monogram or adding words on them.

7. Light Up the Walkway


Making your pumpkins functions for lighting up a staircase is a great way to decorate the porch while being efficient. These votive style pumpkins add a creative element to the surrounding gourds and leaves to create a stunning ambiance.

8. Van Gogh


You do not have to be a Van Gogh adorner to realize how great of an idea it is to recreate an artistic masterpiece on your pumpkin. This version of starry night really does bring out the magic in this infamous design.

9. Jailer


Here is one great style of a small pumpkin placed inside a larger pumpkin and surrounded by a creative jailer design. A great way to represent the imprisonment of horror on Halloween by adding this spooky addition.

10. Trick or Treat


This infamous phrase recited by kids around the globe on this night can be lived up to this actual display of pumpkins holding a trick or a treat. Let the children decide from which they will grab from.

11. The Machine


If you want to get really creative with your pumpkin carving, create a bigger scary scene as seen in this one version of a machine. Having the small pumpkins left up to the bigger pumpkinā€™s mercy, only helps to add a bit more of horror in this image.

12. Big Teeth


Having a big smile does not mean you are filled with niceties. Check out this one pumpkin carving with extra big teeth. It adds a bit of concern to the viewer when you see such a large size grin staring at you.

13. Jack Frost in Fall


A pumpkin snowman? Here is one interesting scene created on a yard looking like Jack Frost taking out some aggression on his fellow foe. Stack pumpkins together to create larger animated scenes.

14. Yard Monster


An oversized yard monster made of pumpkins is just one way to catch the attention of your neighbors and passerbys. Here is one creative version of a yard spider or octopus ready to spring into action.

15. Merry Go Round


Allow the lighted tradition of a traditional jack-o-lantern inspire you to create something as beautiful as this merry go round. Carve an intricate design that can be later lit up for admiration.

16. Bad Taste


A silly design for a monster with a tongue sticking out, a pumpkinling is left sitting at its tip as the larger monster shows his level of distaste. Get creative and humorous by bringing out some dimension and adornments to your pumpkin carving.

17. Pac-man


You do not have to be a lover of geekry to enjoy this version of pacman. Have a love for retro games, or just want to recreate a classic, check out this pac-man pumpkin carving.

18. Death Star


Along the same lines of pac-man comes this version of the death star. All parts that are left thinly carved on the outside give off a slight glow when lit on the inside.

It is time to get out your pumpkin carving tools and get started! If you have a design you would like to share, post the link below. Share your very own creations on my Facebook Page.


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