21 Amazing Halloween Cake Ideas

Every party deserves a cake! With Halloween, you have an excuse to get even more colorful, spooky, and crazy. Whether you are having a themed costume party or celebrating a birthday, here are some of the most amazing Halloween cake ideas that will make you want to jump into the kitchen and start baking. Depending upon your skill level with baking, feel free to create your own version of these Halloween cakes and get creative.

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1. Spider Cake


With a simple black and white chic color palette used for this design, this spider cake is sure to be a classic hit at your party. The webby sides and large spider nesting at the top will definitely get your guests to look twice.

2. Dead Alive Again


From the mummy that has awoken to Frankenstein being brought back alive again, this creepy cake design will surely be a delight among your guests. Create the basic design and image with fondant and add on a dimensional top as seen in the witch’s brew.

3. Mickey Mouse in Fall


The classic shape and love for Mickey Mouse should not stop you from creating this great design on Halloween. It is the perfect adornment for any birthday party that falls on this animated day.

4. Witches Brew


Challenge your creative skills and bring this dimensional witches brew style cake to life. With many modeled pieces surrounding the primary cake, you will undoubtedly get several ohh’s and ahh’s to this finished piece.

5. Triple Tier Classic


With all your commonly associated Halloween characters added to this three tier cake, it does not require much level of expertise to put together some of the basic cuts and shapes to create this great party cake.

6. Haunted House Scene


Use a single layer cake to create a nice scene as seen in this haunted house version. With a great color scheme and a lot of patience, design your own themed cake.

7. Haunted Graveyard


A great design with tombstones around the edges and ghosts rising above. The pumpkins and spiders help to bring together a great overall Halloween themed design for a finishing touch.

8. Purple Midnight


With this amazing three tier Halloween cake placed on display, it is only made even grander by the surrounding coordinating elements. The theme continues onto the wall helping to dimensionalize its place and bring even more attention to the haunted house sitting at the top.

9. Orange Landscape


This nicely done cake was not covered with fondant, but an orange frosting instead and covered with several other layered elements. It is a great alternative to anyone that least prefers fondant.

10. Black Tree of Life


Bringing such strong colors and elements into your Halloween cake is definitely a way to spook things up a bit. This black tree of life with spider cabochon attached at the front will take you to the darker parts of Halloween.

11. Silly Halloween


This is a great version of a silly and kid friendly Halloween cake that can work for a birthday party or just kids Halloween party. With a missing tooth pumpkin and tongue sticking out ghost, it is sure to bring some laughs and giggles from the little ones.

12. Fall Harvest


Just because it is Halloween doesn’t mean all your cake themes have to be a pumpkin. Here is a fall harvest theme using the great colors fallen leaves and dropping acorns.

13. Arachnophobia


This version of a spider infested cake with pirates head will definitely leave you with a lost of taste in your mouth. From dropping blood to spiders on top of each other, I hope you do not suffer from a case of arachnophobia.

14. To The Forest


Almost looking like something out of the Wizard of Oz with the scarecrow, here is a great fall haunted scene created of a cobblestone pathway with rotting tree to the side.

15. Monster Stew


Nothing says yum more on Halloween than some cooked tentacles and eyeballs. This monster stew get your appetite jumping.

16. Pumpkin Treat


This light cake is perfect to bring into the office or share with your guests. Simply designed to be a pumpkin with the word treat, it can be miniaturized and does not require to much time creating additional decorative elements.

17. Haunted Night


This cake certainly resembles a howling moon and haunted night filled with roaming zombies and flying ghosts. With its great color theme, the gray certainly adds to it’s overall spooky appeal.

18. Hanging Spider


This cake is a great example of using a cake stand to further accentuate your design. From a bright orange backdrop, the spiders are certainly the featured element here.

19. Simply Ghosts


A great simple design for a Halloween cake, this white round single tier cake is topped off with ghosts wrapped around some stuffing on a stick for a topper. Perfect for the minimalist type person.

20. Bloody Fingers


Another simple white cake style, this one is surrounded with severed fingers and blood. The nice red color helps to pop from this cake, making it a great addition to any blood sucking party theme.

21. Broken Finger Tips


If you prefer a little less red and a little more realism, here is one version of a severed finger cake with a shard of glass as its root cause.

It is time to get out your baking pans and sugar and hop into the kitchen! If you have a design you would like to share, post the link below. Share your very own creations on my Facebook Page.


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