How to Make Grape Style Dangle Earrings

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Get trendy with this great project tutorial on how to make grape style dangle earrings. Using just chain and beads, this is a great starter project for beginner beaders. Check out the above video and step by step instructions below to complete this project today.



Here is a look at the step by step directions to make grape style dangle earrings.

Step 1:


Gather your supplies together.

Step 2:


Detach a strand of 7 links of chain for each earring.

Step 3:


Get your beads prepared. Place each glass pearl onto the headpin and make a loop to close. Plan for a minimum of two beads per each link of chain for your design.

Step 4:


Use two flat nose pliers to open the first link of chain by twisting each side of the chain forward and backwards.

Step 5:


Attach a pearl to each side of chain.

Step 6:


Close the chain by twisting the opening forward and backwards again.

Step 7:


Move to the next link, ensuring to keep the opening of the chain facing upwards so the cluster forms below.

Step 8:


Repeat steps 4 thru 7 until the last link is complete.

Step 9:


Before closing the top link, attach the ear wire to the chain and secure.


  • Use two pairs of flat nose pliers when working with the chain to ensure grooves do not mark the chain.
  • Do not open the chain outward. Twist forward and backward to open. Use the same technique to close the link.
  • The pearls should be placed on each link of chain, making sure that the bottom link is situated in the middle.


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