17 Beautiful Tourmaline Birthstone Month Jewelry Designs

Tourmaline is October’s birthstone. Gaining its name from its reference of stone with mixed colors, tourmaline comes in an array of dazzling colors. Because of its vast array of colors, this gemstone is often mistaken for other gemstones. Black tourmaline stones represent purification and cleansing of the emotional body and is supposed to get rid of negative thoughts. These beautiful tourmaline birthstone month jewelry designs are just some examples of the various handcrafted designs that will inspire you to create something new today. Do not let the month of October pass by without a unique one-of-a-kind gift.

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1. Round Black Tourmaline Birthstone Beaded Bracelet


This beaded strung tourmaline birthstone bracelet is constructed with 4mm beads and placed through elastic cord for a single cohesive pattern and design. Perfect for layering with other bracelets, this is a simple piece that is also celebratory of the tourmaline stone.

2. Raw Tourmaline Wire Wrapped Birthstone Necklace


Using an undrilled piece of raw black tourmaline, this bead is wire wrapped with sturdy tarnish resistant wire and hung along black cord. It is closed with a lobster claw. Use different colored wire to create varied designs that accent with the raw black tourmaline bead.

3. Raw Black Tourmaline Stud Earrings


These simple minimalist earrings allow the black tourmaline to be center forward with this studded design. Wrapped in gold filled wire, the tourmaline bead is secured with the added accent from the color of the wire finish.

4. Tourmaline Gold Chain Adjustable Birthstone Bracelet


This beaded black tourmaline is wire wrapped to gold box chain and made adjustable along its gold ring clasp. This piece is a simple design but is elevated by the contrasting gold tones next to the matte black finished tourmaline bead.

5. Raw Gold Wire Wrapped Tourmaline Birthstone Necklace


This black tourmaline bead is wire wrapped to be hung on a delicate piece of box chain and secured with a spring back clasp. The loosely wrapped wire creates its own hanging bail for an added touch of design. This delicate piece makes it easy to layer or wear independently.

6. Black Tourmaline Birthstone Wire Wrapped Ring


This wire wrapped round tourmaline gemstone is wire wrapped with gold tarnish resistant wire. It is secured with coiled ends on a double wire loop band.

7. Chained Black Tourmaline Birthstone Bracelet


This bracelet is constructed with a natural, raw black tourmaline bead wire wrapped along gold filled cable chain and secured with a spring back clasp. This simple delicate piece allows the black tourmaline bead to stand more prominent in design and accent.

8. Black Tourmaline Birthstone Briolette Necklace


Making the black tourmaline briolette bead center focus allows this stone to be the prominent design element. It is accented with gold curb chain with floating gold round beads hanging about. This delicately designed piece is perfect for daily minimal wear or can be layered with other contrasting colors.

9. Black Tourmaline Chip Wire Birthstone Ring


This dainty wire wrapped ring is made with three black tourmaline chips and secured along wire with a coiled end. Changing the color of wire can create new design elements and contrast against the solid black tourmaline birthstone beads.

10. Black Tourmaline Chip Beaded Adjustable Bracelet


These set of black tourmaline beaded chips are strung along beige cord with gold round beads as the end accents. Knotted at the ends to secure the beads along the cord, the knotted closure allows for an adjustable attachment to the wrist to be made. This is perfect for layering with other pieces or secured to the ankle and worn as an ankle bracelet.

11. Black Tourmaline Birthstone Bar Necklace


These series of black tourmaline chip beads are wrapped along wire with small round gold beads at the end. Attached to small gold cable chain, this necklace is designed with a straight beaded bar for minimalist design and closed with a lobster claw.

12. Raw Tourmaline Gold Birthstone Earrings


Made with bulky raw cut black tourmaline beads, the tops are encased with gold bailed tops and attached to fish tail hooks. The nice golden tops allow the natural beautiful to shine through of the raw matte cut tone of the black tourmaline bead.

13. Round Tourmaline Birthstone Beaded Bracelet


This black tourmaline bracelet features a raw bead in the center with copper spacers. It’s design is made complete with a series of round black tourmaline beads wrapped around. Strung along elastic cord, this bracelet is perfect to layer or wear alone letting the shapes and black finish of the raw tourmaline show through.

14. Black Tourmaline Raw Chain Earrings


These elongated black tourmaline earrings are made with a raw tourmaline bead at the bottom secured on with a wire wrapped ball pin. Attached with a short length of silver rope chain, these earrings are closed with a French wire shaped hook.

15. Raw Tourmaline Silver Oxidized Earrings


These delicate raw tourmaline earrings are made with oxidized silver with ball pins at the end and stacked round spacers. With unique round hoop closures add a new element to the design with a rounded effect next to a bulky rectangular shaped bead.

16. Stacked Tourmaline Chip Beaded Earrings


These simple delicate earrings feature a stack of tourmaline chip beads laid over a headpin and attached to French wires. These earrings are simple in design and perfect for everyday wear allowing the black beads to stand on their own.

17. Black Tourmaline Gold Chain Anklet


This black tourmaline beaded anklet is made with tourmaline chip beads and small gold round spacers. Attached to two lengths of gold cable chain, this design is secured with a spring back clasp and jump ring.


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