23 Perfect Opal Birthstone Month Jewelry Designs

Opal is the traditional birthstone of October. Regarded for its play on colors across the spectrum of a rainbow, opal is believed to have originated in India. Opal is regularly compared to fireworks, volcanos, and galaxies throughout various literary works. Opal has been believed to embody the virtues and powers of all colors stones. Here is a look at some perfect opal birthstone month jewelry designs.

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1. Opal Dainty Chain Birthstone Bracelet


This chain and opal birthstone bracelet is created with five opal charms attached along cable linked gold filled chain. This piece is closed with a lobster clasp and additional extension links for the perfect fit. A great minimalist piece that allows the opal to be highlighted and complimented by the gold links.

2. Raw Opal Birthstone Stud Earrings


These raw opal stones are encased in a gold setting and made into a stud push back piece. A lightweight and simple design, these 7mm size stones are rounded with a slightly rough cut, allowing the opal to be the central focus point. With a white color transparent hue, these opal stones make the perfect compliment for any daily wear.

3. Dainty Opal Birthstone Chain Bracelet


This delicate and dainty opal birthstone bracelet is made with gold filled cable chain attached to a series of wire wrapped opal round beads. This bracelet is secured with a spring back closure and is the perfect piece for layering or daily wear.

4. Pink Opal Birthstone Bangle Bracelet


This pink opal stone is the center focal point of this gold filled bangle bracelet. With a different hue of this beautiful October birthstone, the bangle can be easily slipped on the wrist and perfect for layering with other complimentary colors of this birthstone.

5. Oval Opal Linked Charms Birthstone Bracelet


These large oval bezel charms w
ith double links are connected by jump rings and attached to gold curb chain and closed by a lobster clasp. The opal shines brightly with a distinct color that sparkles in the sunlight. The flat overlay chain equally accents the opal bead frames and brings this piece together.

6. Raw Opal Wire Wrapped Birthstone Necklace


This raw chunk of opal bead is wire wrapped and made into a pendant to be hung along a strand of cable chain. This minimalist piece allows the polished gemstone to be the central focal point bringing a touch of grace and elegance to the wearer. Secure with a simple spring back clasp to keep in line with the delicate nature of the piece.

7. Opal Charm Birthstone Bracelet


This beautiful bracelet features a single white translucent opan charm with double link for easy attachement to gold cable chain. With a personalized initial charm, this dainty bracelet is secured with a spring back clasp. Perfect for layering or everyday wear.

8. Opal Flat Coin Birthstone Twisted Wire Bracelet


Featuring an opal flat coin bead, this bracelet is made with a twisted center wire with outlayed flat wire ends and complimentary silver coil tips. Secured with a simple handmade hook clasp, you can personalize with hanging end charm. This translucent appearance of the opal coupled with the accent wire makes it a beautiful complimentary piece for everyday wear.

9. Opal Pendant and Hanging Charm Birthstone Necklace


This beautiful white hue opal pendanct is complimented with an electroplated gold disc and cable chain. The personalized stamped charm makes it a special gift. It’s simple delicate style allows the opal pendant to become the center focus. The piece is secured with a lobster clasp.

10. Double Chained Opal Beaded Birthstone Bracelet


This double round link chain bracelet features a series of small opal round beads wire wrapped in the center. This minimalist designed bracelet is perfect for everyday wear and allows the translucent white opal beads to appear iridescent in the light. This piece is easily secured with a spring back or lobster clasp of choice.

11. Opal Beaded Bracelet Double Strand


This opal beaded bracelet is made with a series of opal roundelle beads and accented with gold rondelle spacers. With a center curved gold tube in the middle, this piece is brought together with some extension cable chain and secured with a spring back clasp.

12. Opal Leather Wrapped Birthstone Bracelet


This leather wrapped bracelet highlights a series of translucent opal beaded chips as its center focal point. Brought together into a single magnetic barrel clasp, this piece is perfect for everyday wear. Between the genuine leather and tumbled Ethiopian gemstone, this birthstone bracelet is a natural beauty.

13. Opal Teardrop Wire Wrapped Necklace


This opal birthstone necklace features a single wire wrapped opal pendant connected to a series of wire wrapped opal round beads. Hung on a strand of delicate cable chain, this necklace is secured with a lobster clasp and additional extender chain.

14. Raw Opal Birthstone Bracelet


Making the natural gemstone the focus of this piece, this raw opal birthstone bracelet features a center 4-6 carat size stone wire wrapped to a strand of sterling silver cable chain. It is closed with a lobster claw. With its minimalist style, the opal maintains its center focus with its iridescent tones and natural beauty.

15. Opal Beaded Birthstone Bracelet


This simple Ethiopian opal beaded birthstone bracelet is made with a series of opal rondelle cut beads with small gold beaded spacers. Secured with a lobster clasp, this minimialist bracelet allows the opal to be the focus point while also offering the option for layering with some chain pieces to provide greater emphasis of the opal beads.

16. Opal Threaded Silver Earrings


Featuring a beautifully plated frame opal bead, this birthstone gemstone is attached to ear threader ends for a touch of elegance for the wearer. Perfect for daily wear or as a touch of delicate beauty during a special occasion.

17. Raw Opal Wire Wrapped Pendant Necklace


This beautiful raw opal birthstone is wire wrapped sideways and secured on a strand of silver cable chain. With the complimentary free form wrap, this opal looks at home along its delicate strand of chain that is secured with a lobster clasp.

18. Opal Birthstone Rondelle Strand Necklace


This opal necklace is accented with a series of rondelle cut opal beads that create an iridescent glow across the wearers bust. Wire wrapped on silver linked cable chain and secured with a lobster claw, this minimalist necklace is perfect for everyday wear.

19. Rough Opal Hand Forged Cuff


With hand polished raw opal beads, this hand forged cuff is highlighted with a series of four opal beads across the top with speckled attachment.

20. Opal Chip Bar Beaded Necklace


This raw opal necklace features a series of raw opal bead chips wire wrapped along a bar and attached to round linked chain. Closed with a lobster clasp, this necklace is the perfect delicate piece for everday wear.

21. Opal and Gold Beaded Bracelet


This shiney iridescent opal and gold beaded bracelet is perfect for any birthstone celebration. Made with a series of opal rondelle beads and attached next to a series of gold vermeil beads, this piece is closed with a lobster clasp. It’s simple and dainty design is perfect to stand alone or layer for everyday wear.

22. Opal Drop Wire Wrapped Earrings


Opal is made the center focal point of these dainty earrings by the large scale opal drop bead wire wrapped along a closed ear wire. Elegant, yet modern, these earrings make this birthstone the center element to its design.

23. Opal Briolette Beaded Birthstone Necklace


This simple and elegant necklace features a small opal briolette bead wire wrapped along a strand of gold cable chain and secured with a spring back clasp. Its simple design makes it perfect for layering or everyday wear.


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