25 Best Sapphire Birthstone Month Jewelry Designs

The sapphire birthstone belongs to the month of September. It is known for its rich blue color associated to traits of loyalty and trust. Sapphires have been found around the world. The purer the blue color, the higher the value. While sapphire comes in other colors of pinks and oranges, blue sapphires have been a favor of elites in ancient cultures of generations. Here is a look at some of the best sapphire birthstone month jewelry designs to inspire you to create today.

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1. Sapphire Wire Wrapped Loop Birthstone Necklace


Using a series of rondelle cut sapphire semi precious stones, this ring is linked to small cable chain to create a unique and delicate necklace. Make variations of this design by using the link for the center of a bracelet or attach jump rings to French wires to create a pair of earrings.

2. Sapphire Bar Birthstone Bracelet


This ombre bar of sapphire faceted gems, these rondelle cut beads are stung on wire and looped back in a coil with accent edge bead. This made it easy to attach to a length of cable chain to create a bracelet or necklace. Close your piece with a spring back clasp.

3. Raw Sapphire Birthstone Necklace


With large sapphire stones, these beads are covered in gold leaf and casing attached to a gold filled chain. This solid stone is perfect for the minimalist style while allowing the deep rich tones of sapphire become a central focus point of your design.

4. Raw Sapphire Birthstone Stack Earrings


Using five raw stacked sapphire stones wire wrapped on a ball pin, these earrings are secured on French wires. With a one inch drop length, these earrings feature a high quality genuine raw sapphire with stunning unique characteristics.

5. Sapphire Wire Wrapped Birthstone Ring


Using polished bronze, this thick wire ring frame is hammered and textured flat with a naturally finished sapphire stone wire wrapped in between and coiled in length. This hand forged piece is complimented by the rough crystalline surface.

6. Sapphire Wire Wrapped Pearl Necklace


This sapphire wire wrapped pearl necklace features a encased teardrop sapphire pendant with wire wrapped pearl and stamped letter charm. Hung on silver cable chain, the simple elements allow the deep blue color of the sapphire to be featured in this piece.

7. Rose Gold Sapphire Birthstone Earrings


Hung on a pair of rose gold French wires, these sapphire earrings are outlined with rose gold trim and complimentary shape and cut. Dainty with a minimalist style, the gorgeous blue color of these earrings make it a perfect choice for any occasion or daily wear.

8. Sapphire Birthstone Chain Bracelet


This sapphire birthstone bracelet features small sapphire beads wire wrapped onto small gold cable chain. Small gold rondelle spacers are include throughout the piece with hanging sapphire bead at the end. This beautiful and simple piece is secured with a spring back clasp.

9. Sapphire Birthstone Bar Necklace


This sapphire birthstone necklace is created with a two inch beaded bar and attached to gold chain. This collection of omni rondelle cut sapphire beads are featured in length and width to become the main feature of this piece. With its delicate charm, this necklace is perfect for daily wear.

10. Sapphire Small Gemstone Bar Bracelet


This simple small sapphire bracelet is the perfect way to feature your birthstone. With a small array of sapphire beads wire wrapped on a bar, it is attached to small cable chain and secured with a spring back clasp. This is a great selection for layering bracelets and everyday wear.

11. Gold Sapphire Stud Birthstone Earrings


Beautifully cut raw sapphire is plated with gold and made into a pair of simple studded earrings. These are perfect for everyday wear and have a simple casual look that allows the sapphire to remain the focus point. With a push back closure, these earrings are a well balanced design.

12. Sapphire Birthstone Beaded Bracelet


This sapphire beaded bracelet is designed with small round gold spacer beads for a nice simple minimalist style. Closed with a small spring back clasp, this piece can be easily layered and makes for a perfect choice with daily wear.

13. Sapphire Wire Wrapped Bronze Pendant


This raw sapphire stone is full of beauty as it is wrapped in this antique bronze wire and hung on chain. With an inch size piece, the setting give a bold look to this otherwise naturally beautifully connected piece. Secure this piece with a spring back clasp or simple lobster clasp.

14. Raw Sapphire Birthstone Dangle Earrings


These beautiful raw sapphire dangle earrings create a statement with its setting in a petite textured bezel. Polished with a raw gemstone, these earrings pair well with other earrings and work for any occasion with their simple elongated design.

15. Sapphire Chain Linked Necklace


This chain linked birthstone necklace features sapphire and blue moonstone beads. With great blue tones and nice small gold chain, this piece is perfect for anyone. With its dainty minimalist style, this necklace is secured with a spring back clasp and highlights the simplicity of the stone with complimentary chain.

16. Sapphire and Pearl Beaded Bracelet


This sapphire bicone and pearl beaded bracelet features nice silver and clear rondelle spacers and a lobster clasp closure to highlight the natural color and beauty of this piece. With its timeless classic appeal, this piece works well for any special occasion and allows the deep rich color of the blue sapphire to shine and be reflected off of its accented stones.

17. Sapphire Hammered Wire Open Ring


With gentle hammered ends, this wire open ring features a center wire wrapped sapphire stone that is coiled back. With its raw cut, the natural color and beauty of the stone is kept as the center focus point giving it a natural look, perfect for everyday wear.

18. Gold Sapphire Beaded Birthstone Bracelet


This sapphire beaded bracelet is paired with gold hematite beads and secured with a lobster claw. This design is the perfect choice for a stackable bracelet or just to wear for everyday use. With an series of 4mm sapphire beads, the gold hematite beads serve as the perfect accent in design and color.

19. Sapphire and Leather Layered Bracelet


This sapphire and leather bracelet features six layers of leather surrounded by a series of wire wrapped sapphire chips. This piece is secured with a magnetic clasp closure. This is a great piece to wear alone or pair with other pieces for the ultimate boho look and style.

20. Raw Sapphire Mosaic Bar Necklace


This raw sapphire bar necklace features a metal bar with attached raw sapphire on it and linked to rose chain. This piece is secured with a spring back clasp. Perfect for everyday wear or any special occasion, this necklace has a great minimalist style.

21. Sapphire Briolette Wire Wrapped Earrings


This pair of sapphire briolette wire wrapped earrings feature gold wire with a small round gold bead as accent. With custom ear wire, the elongated tips aid in featuring the rich color of the gemstone.

22. Raw Sapphire Studded Earrings


These raw sapphire earrings are wrapped with gold wire to create a stud. With a minimalist design, these earrings allow the sapphire to be the focus of this piece with its rich raw color. With a small and dainty look, these natural shards capture the essence of the sapphire birthstone.

23. Sapphire Round Link Layered Earrings


With silver French wires, these sapphire earrings have a round texture link with sapphire drop beads. Outlined with silver metal casing, these layered earrings highlight the color and capture the light of this stone. This minimalist design is perfect for casual everyday wear or to pair for a special event.

24. Sapphire Beaded Birthstone Bracelet


This single strand beaded bracelet is highlighted with a series of omni sapphire stones progressing in color from the center outward. Secured with a lobster clasp, this bracelet is perfect for layering with a dainty look and design.

25. Sapphire Gemstone Birthstone Choker


This sapphire bead is wrapped in gold metal casing with a double link on each side. Connected to small gold cable chain, this simple and dainty necklace is secured with a spring back clasp. With the gold contrast, the rich deep color of the sapphire gets a chance to lay center to this piece and design.



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