27 Creative Peridot Birthstone Month Jewelry Designs

The Peridot birthstone is for the month of August. Peridot is known for its symbol rooted in opportunity, prosperity, and strength. With its light green to olive green shades, peridot has been a long standing more affordable option to an emerald making it an easily confusable. Here is a look at just some creative peridot birthstone jewelry designs that will inspire you to create a unique one of a kind piece in celebration of this birthstone month.

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1. Personalized Peridot Birthstone Pearl Necklace

This personalized initial peridot birthstone necklace features a wire wrapped white pearl accented next to a teardrop shape peridot drop. Strung on cable chain, this piece can be secured with a lobster clasp or spring back clasp to remain consistent with its delicate simple design.

2. Gold Lariat Peridot Birthstone Necklace

This handmade necklace is made with a hammered leaf shape pendant attached to small linked chain. On the opposite pendant side is a leaf shaped pendant wire wrapped with raw peridot stones. Making a lariat style, no closure is needed. A simple slip through the pendant on the opposite end will secure this necklace to the length and style you desire.

3. Round Peridot Birthstone Charm Earrings

These small simple round peridot charms are secured on gold French wire hooks. Capturing the simplicity of this style, the peridot is allowed to shine in this minimalist design and be accented by the gold casing and wire.

4. Raw Peridot Stone Necklace

This raw peridot stone is accented with gold plating and suspended from small gold cable chain. This allows the stone to become the central element and allows its deep shade of green to be featured without distraction. With a nice added extension chain on the back, a small initialized disc is hung at the end as a signature to the owner.

5. Gold Peridot Birthstone Ring

This simple band features the raw peridot with gold plating. This makes it the perfect design for stackable rings and allows the textured setting to accent the raw edges of this beautifully colored stone.

6. Peridot Choker Birthstone Chain Necklace

This nice choker necklace features a nugget of raw peridot linked along gold snake chain. This is the perfect option for a layered style or simply to enjoy the simplicity of its minimalist style. With the stones rough edges, the color and natural appeal of this gemstone becomes its central featured element.

7. Peridot Wire Linked Birthstone Bracelet

Featuring small peridot rondelle beads, this bracelet is wire wrapped with gold wire. At the center point is a gold cased peridot bead double linked in the middle. With small personalized coin disc charm, this bracelet is closed with a lobster clasp and extension chain.

8. Peridot Chip Bar Bracelet

With a string of peridot chips, wire wrap your beaded bar onto a small cable chain and secure with a lobster clasp to create this easily layered piece with minimalist design. With its natural and high quality gemstone chips, these faceted stones make the perfect look for any occasion or everyday wear.

9. Peridot Wire Wrapped Charm Pendant

Take a small peridot drop bead and wire wrap onto a ring to create a simple and unique pendant to hang from chain or as an end accent bead to a bracelet. Make a pair and add to simple French wires for your own simple set of peridot birthstone earrings.

10. Peridot Flower Birthstone Earrings

Making a beautiful set of peridot earrings does not require making them the featured element. In this set of flower birthstone earrings, peridot bicone beads are used as an accent to bronze wire and beads caps over purple acrylic flower beads. These bicones are dropped down on ball points at various lengths to elevate the design and bring attention to its featured elements.

11. Peridot Briolette Necklace

If you have a nice large size peridot briolette, it provides you with a great opportunity to create a necklace with wire wrapped pendant. Accent the peridot pendant with small gold cable chain secured with spring back clasp to highlight its minimalist style and design.

12. Peridot Raw Stone Bar Necklace

This collection of raw peridot stones are brought together and spaced with small round accent beads to create a unique and bold bar style necklace. With this bar wire wrapped on small gold cable chain, this necklace is secured with small spring back clasp.

13. Peridot Chip Birthstone Bracelet

Take a collection of small peridot chips and string on elastic to create a single minimalist bracelet that can be easily layered piece. String on elastic string to eliminate the need for a clasp and create a beautifully streamlined accessory.

14. Round Peridot Beaded Bracelet

Bring the beautiful shades of green peridot to the forefront of your design with large round beads on a single strand that can be easily layered and accented to suit everyday wear. With a tie closure, bead on elastic string to make stretchy or on wire with small hook closure.

15. Peridot Birthstone Stud Earrings

Take a pair of raw peridot gemstones and use gold wire to wrap your beads into a set of studded earrings. File down the tips to a cone shape and secure with a stud closure. These nuggets will make the nice green tones of your bead be the central focus point of your design.

16. Peridot Knotted Pendant Necklace

This raw peridot stone is wrapped with black cord and knotted to secure it to the necklace. Easily layered, this necklace is a perfect option for everyday and casual wear.

17. Peridot Gold Linked Birthstone Earrings

Using small peridot briolettes, you can wire wrap your beads onto a large size French wire hook and layer with gold texture frame. This allows your peridot bead to be the central focus to your design.

18. Peridot Birthstone Wire Ring

Using thick wire, form a unique one of a kind wire ring and than hammered flat to strength and secure your shape. Attach a loosely wire wrapped peridot briolette as a hanging accent and attachment to your ring design. For an alternative style, use thinner gauge wire and coil onto your frame some peridot chips or a single round bead as a central focus point.

19. Large Ear Wire Wrapped Peridot Beaded Earrings

With a polished clear green peridot briolette, use thin gauge silver wire to loosely wire wrap the top and connect to large round silver ear wires. This simple design will allow your peridot to remain the featured element and let its beautiful green tones shine through.

20. Peridot Dust Birthstone Necklace

This birthstone necklace features a hourglass pendant full of genuine peridot dust. Make variations of this design with chopped or small peridot chips to allow the natural elements of this stone shine through and be featured in a unique piece.

21. Beaded Peridot Linked Birthstone Bracelet

With small clusters of peridot chips wrapped onto wire, these links are connected and than secured to chain to create a beautiful birthstone necklace. With extension chain at the end, an additional single stone hangs at the end.

22. Peridot Briolette Hook Tip Earrings

These peridot earrings are wire wrapped at the top of the briolette and attached for a pointed hook tip custom ear wire. Bent at the point, these elongated wires help to bring the peridot bead to the central focal point of this piece.

23. Peridot Lever Back Drop Earrings

This other variation of peridot birthstone earrings features wire wrapped drop beads attached to gold lever backs. With a thicker and bolder ear wire, these beads are given an additional accent allowing its angled tips to capture the light and highlight the natural beauty of these faceted stones.

24. Peridot Leather Wrapped Bracelet

This birthstone bracelet features a line of peridot chip beads wire wrapped around leather bands to create a layered bracelet. With bold magnetic clasp, these beads compliment the dark tones and texture of the natural leather with the polished tones of peridot.

25. Peridot Bar Birthstone Necklace

This peridot bar necklace features a series of large rondelle cut period beads wire wrapped on silver wire and attached to small chain. Add an extension chain with lobster clasp to the closure with hanging bead to your piece to accentuate your design.

26. Peridot Pointed Bead Pendant Necklace

This stunning peridot pendant necklace features a nice pointed cut bead with classic look. Strung on small metal chain, this piece can become its very own show stopper. Any beautifully cut and polished peridot stone would be the perfect candidate for a simple pendant necklace.

27. Peridot Copper and Cord Birthstone Jewelry Set

With the right type of accent, you can make a uniquely bold peridot jewelry set. The earrings are made with copper links with several small peridot chips beaded between and hung on bronze fish tail hooks. The bracelet features a similar beaded link attached to leather cord, secured with a lobster clasp and extension chain to ensure the perfect fit.


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