21 Amazing Fabric Cuff Bracelet Designs to Make

Fabric cuff bracelets give jewelry makers a creative way to bring textiles into their unique one of a kind designs. Using fabric strips and fusible interfacing with a simple button for closure is all you need to get started. Check out these other amazing fabric cuff bracelet designs to make for a variation of new designs to get you inspired today.

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1. Beaded Button Fabric Cuff Bracelet

This fabric cuff bracelet is made with various styles of fabric stitched together with strung seed beads and accent pearls along the trim. With a nice texture lace for the edge, some layers are pulled in at the seam for a decorative end. Add a few buttons around the top for a finished element.

2. Pearl and Lace Fabric Cuff Bracelet

This pearl and lace fabric cuff is made with recycled materials and a few extra beads and trim for added embellishment. With a plastic bottle base, shape and cut your cuff to size and attach fabric and trim. Using some needles and thread, string a row of pearls through the piece giving this a classic elegant finishing touch. A simple added length of lace or trim is used to secure the end and attach this fabric cuff for wear.

3. Pink Pearl and Rhinestone Fabric Cuff

If you like the more feminine and sophisticated look, combine vintage rhinestones, buttons, thread, and lace to create a similar pink pearl fabric cuff. With layers of trim, a string of rhinestones are stitched on with accented cross stitch pattern. Add some mother of pearl shell buttons and various rhinestone elements to bring this classic piece together. Keep some lace hanging at the ends to create an elegant tie closure.

4. Embroidered Fabric Cuff Bracelet

With some basic fabric scraps and thread, you can combine various textured layers and accent with colored embroidery thread. In this fabric cuff bracelet design, various pearl beads, buttons, rhinestone, and stitched elements are used for a layered look. It is secured with a button closure with velvet material back softness against the skin.

5. Felt Layered Fabric Cuff

With a nice array of blue and green tones, this wool felt cuff is made with a snap back clasp and stitched layers of felt attached to a brown edge. Stitching is used to create an appealing accent that matches the brown ends of this piece. Add a few seed beads, charms, or vintage accents to create new variations of this layered fabric cuff.

6. Embroidered Beaded Wool Fabric Cuff

This embroidered fabric cuff has various colored threads and patterns to create new textured layers for this piece. With a base fabric and lace center trim, a few clusters of blue and red beaded bunches are added throughout for an added touch of style. A button closure with little elastic band makes this piece secure to your wrist.

7. Zipper Fiber Fabric Cuff Bracelet

Created with torn strips of upholstery fabric, various fibers. charms, rhinestone and trim are added to elevate this design. This piece is secured with a simple velcro closure but uses the zipper as a key design element with the piece. Add any array of charms or pendants to the piece or stitch beads along the zipper ends for added texture and bling.

8. Upcycled Fabric Cuff Bracelet

Using a recycled vintage fabric tie, this fabric cuff bracelet comes with an important message. With layered fabric lace and stitched charm pendant attachment, this cuff combines elements from the past with a message for the future. Add a simple button or velcro closure to easily secure this piece.

9. Gunmetal Chain Fabric Cuff Bracelet

If you like the steampunk and vintage cord pants look than look no further than this piece. With large grommets and thick chain attach through this shredded fabric strip, this fabric cuff combines various celestial themed charms with a large spring back clasp for closure. This cuff can be easily layered with some lace and additional fabric strips to create new levels of design.

10. Flower Lace Button Fabric Cuff

This fabric cuff features a beautifully layered fabric flower and stitched words and beads with a tattered edge. With layered pale blue fabric roses and stitched on pearls throughout, this piece is secured by a white button attachment. This fabric lace cuff is the perfect example of taking various textiles to layer for a colorful and creative final piece.

11. Rhinestone Wrapped Fabric Cuff Bracelet

This rhinestone wrapped fabric cuff bracelet has a series of chic romantic tones wrapped in a layer of repurposed vintage rhinestones. The velvet texture is layered on top of additional textiles and shimmered glitter stripes. This piece is made adjustable with chain.

12. Linen Stamped Fabric Cuff Bracelet

This linen fabric cuff is made with lace, vintage buttons, and hand stamped fabrics. Fastened with a button and ribbon loop, this piece includes various textiles to include a fabric flower, stitched on icons, and decorative stitching. It offers a timeless, traditional, class look.

13. Turquoise Lace Fabric Cuff

This lace fabric cuff is highlighted by a knotted strand of turquoise chips with accent beads. With decorative stitched sides, this fabric cuff is layered with lace, linen fabric, flowers, and buttons. It’s denim look is perfect for everyday casual wear.

14. Tattered Embroidered Fabric Cuff Bracelet

This fabric cuff bracelet features embroidered patterns with floral shaped beads, stitched trim and knots with tattered edge. Several stitched beads and various other buttons are layered throughout with additional added color and stitched design.

15. Pink Flower Fabric Cuff Bracelet

This pink felt fabric cuff is made with layered trim and tattered stitched linen flower. With a beaded center, this piece is both chic and eye catching. With a decorative stitched trim, this piece can be easily secured with a button closure and ribbon loop for each wear.

16. Orange Ombre Button Fabric Cuff

This beaded fabric cuff is made with a series of ombre orange buttons and beaded accent. From oval glass beads to little seed beads, this cuff is covered in textured embellishment. With its heavily accented design, it is easy to create a button closure and layer the underneath with a bold color of fabric.

17. Leather Burlap Fabric Cuff Bracelet

With a thick leather base, this fabric cuff is layered wtih tattered burlap across the middle and stitched on shell buttons with layered fabric flower and button center. With its bold, dark fall colors, this is the perfect piece of casual and daily wear leading you in the opposite direction of the expected colorful and lacy whimsical wear normally seen.

18. Cream Fabric and Lace Fabric Cuff

This cream fabric cuff is framed in a solid beige color with middle lace accent. This fabric cuff is easily secured with a button and ribbon loop. With a timeless look, this cream beige combined with lace is classic.

19. Lace with Filigree Fabric Cuff Bracelet

This layered lace fabric cuff is made classic with a large filigree center access with layered linen wrapped flower and rhinestone center. This chic bracelet is great for a Victorian or steampunk style.

20. Embroidered Fabric Cuff Sleeve

This embroidered fabric cuff is made with stitched and beaded trim and accented with beaded top. With lace and a ruffled end, this cuff made the perfect addition to a denim sleeve. With dyed colors and a bohemian style, this cuff can be easily paired with an elegant look.

21. Blue Felt Flower Fabric Cuff

This blue felt fabric cuff is layered with a decorative edge and combined with green felt on top. With a layered gray felt flower and rhinestone center, this fabric cuff has accented fabric leaf and rhinestone embellishment. With stitched sequences across, this cuff bracelet is simple and chic.


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