How to Use Memory Wire Cutters

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How to Use Memory Wire Cutters

Memory wire cutters is an essential tool for any jewelry maker that is working with memory wire jewelry. Making it easier to cut without the risk of ruining your normal flush cutters, memory wire cutters may be the one tool missing from your tool box.

Why Use Memory Wire Cutters?

Memory wire can be tough to work with because it is constructed by stiff tempered steel. Memory wire cutters is a specialty tool specifically designed to create clean smooth cuts on tough memory wire. The design of the cutter makes it easy to use for new or experienced crafters.

Memory wire cutters also help to save time. Once you identify what loop you want your wire trimmed too, you can quickly and efficiently cut the wire and start creating your project right away. Memory wire cutters can also be used on any other type of hard wire or stainless steel wire.


1. Grab your memory wire and measure what loop you wish to trim your wire from.

2. Open up the jaw of your memory wire cutters, placing the wire between each ridge.

3. Gently squeeze the handle until the wire is removed from the coil.

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