15 Beautiful Bead Link Bracelet Styles

Using some of the most basic jewelry making techniques, you can start to create your own beaded bracelets by linking eyepins to one another. What better way to give your beads an opportunity to shine than capturing their individual beauty in each link. Here are more than a dozen bead link bracelet styles to get you inspired today.

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1. Sage Rust Bead Link Bracelet

Sage Rust Bead Link Bracelet
This handmade bracelet is constructed using antique brass pins with handmade polymer beads at a sage and rustic color bohemian style. Additionally, czech glass beads and brass findings help to compliment and bring this design to completion. With a color combo such as this, you can easily accessorize many apparel looks.

2. Orange Bead Link Bracelet

Orange Bead Link Bracelet
This beaded link bracelet style illustrates how a beautiful piece can be made with just a single style and color beads. Accented with some antique brass wire, this hand linked bracelet allows the orange swarovski beads to pop on their own. It can easily pair with other colors and styles for a layered look.

3. Purple Glass Pearl Bead Link Bracelet

Purple Glass Pearl Bead Link Bracelet
This piece is a great example on how to incorporate multiple beads on a single eyepin before linking together for your bracelet. This bracelet was made with cream and purple glass pearls and seed beads. Closed with a lobster clasp, the eyepins make this piece look like small metal chain links.

4. Jasper Hematite Link Beaded Bracelet

Jasper Hematite Link Beaded Bracelet
Here is a piece that captures a variation of semi precious gemstones being linked together to create this natural stone looking piece. Made with silver plated wire, this bracelet has poppy jasper and hematite gemstones. It is closed with a toggle clasp and complimented by hanging gems at the end.

5. Amber Crystal Bead Link Bracelet

Amber Crystal Bead Link Bracelet
This beautiful amber crystal bracelet is linked together with wire, creating two strands that are connected together and secured with a lobster claw closure. Additional linked chain was added, making the sizing of this piece adjustable. The variation of the amber and frosted crystal beads help to bring balance to the beauty of this piece.

6. Vintage Teal and Mustard Glass Bead Link Bracelet

Vintage Teal and Mustard Glass Bead Link Bracelet
Here is a vintage glass bead link bracelet that captures a beautiful combination of teal, green, and mustard colors for a bohemian chic style. The flower shaped beads add a nice tactile appeal, especially when complimented with antique bronze components. A rope twisted link is used at the end as a part of the lobster closure.

7. Vintage Pearl Linked Bracelet

Vintage Pearl Linked Bracelet
This is just one of many looks that can be obtained by using just a single style bead with antique bronze eyepins to create a vintage look. This delicate bracelet was made with 6mm vintage pearl beads and linked together, finished with a bronze lobster claw. A swallow charm was attached to the end jump ring, used by the clasp, for additional style.

8. Amazonite Beaded Bracelet

Amazonite Beaded Bracelet
For this beaded bracelet, a similar combination was used for this bracelet, but instead the eyepins were wrapped closed and securely using a simple wire wrap technique. This gives the amazonite beads a more classy and elegant look as they are highlighted by the gold filled wire. To add to this delicate look, a spring back clasp is used for the closure.

9. Orange Cats Eye Bead Bracelet

Orange Cats Eye Bead Bracelet
This combination piece features orange cat eye beads that are linked together with silver metal tone beads. Fastened with a lobster claw clasp, this bracelet offers a retro appeal in its pattern and color. For the metal beads, jump rings are used to connect each link versus an eyepin. This allows a similar construction to take place for the piece, regardless of eyepins being used for each bead.

10. Gold Chain Link Bracelet with Blue Rondelle Beads

Gold Chain Link Bracelet with Blue Rondelle Beads
Here is another variation of a bead link piece where jump rings and gold metal links are connected into a chain look. Additionally, blue rondelle glass beads are used with eyepins to attach to each jump ring, creating an additional layer over the larger round links previously used. This is a great way to use the same techniques to creating new levels of design.

11. Oregon Sunstone Link Bracelet

Oregon Sunstone Link Bracelet
This variation of a sunstone link bracelet demonstrates a more classic look to the same techniques. With wide sterling silver circle links used at a 10mm size, oregon sunstone rondelles are attached with eyepins and connected to the large circle links by using two smaller jump rings. Additional rings added to the clasp give an option for extended chain to be used and finished up with a few dangling charms.

12. Jade Green Bracelet

Jade Green Bracelet
This lovely bracelet featured single jade green beads that are linked together with antique bronze wire. It is secured with a lobster clasp closure. The bold shape and edges of the round jade beads, help to give this piece additional style and beauty.

13. Beaded Bracelet Blue and Green Swirl Linked

Beaded Bracelet Blue and Green Swirl Linked
This piece takes simple eyepin linking to the next level. Featuring large blue and green swirl tone beads, s shaped chain links made with wire are used to attach to the end of each eyepin giving an additional chain look. The opaque tone of these beads add great texture and depth to any skin type and color.

14. Lucite Beaded Link Bracelet

Lucite Beaded Link Bracelet
These large round colored beads help to give the simple link style a new bolder appeal. Secured with a simple wrapped end, the yellow and blue tones are very bright and edgy, perfect for summertime wear. Made with lucite beads, the colors offer a clean matte tone.

15. Yellow and Green Linked Bracelet

Yellow and Green Linked Bracelet
This yellow and green linked bracelet is made perfect with its combination of beautiful striking colors. Each link is made with a glass faceted beads for bright yellow and soft pastel green, and separated with gold spacers. The elongated pattern of each links adds to its dainty nature as it is secured with a lobster clasp.



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