15 Incredible Jewelry Headpin Designs

A headpin is a practical way to secure the end of your jewelry making design. Headpins can also offer new ways to be creative and add additional artistic elements to your pieces. These incredible jewelry headpin designs are just some examples to the types of varieties of headpins you can create for new design elements today.

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1. Snake Headpins

These snake headpins are created with 22 gauge brass wire and hand forged. With a length of almost 2 inches, these are perfect to use for pendant drops or earring dangles.

2. Inner Loop Headpins

These fancy inner loop headpins are made with sterling silver and oxidized for effect. They are made with 24 gauge wire with a total length of 2 inches long. These pins are hand forged with a large circular shape and than wrapped around creating an inner loop before being coiled back up the pin. They made the perfect addition to any earrings or pendant piece.

3. Diamond Headpins

These hand forged headpins are wire wrapped with 20 gauge brass wire. Shaped into a diamond and hammered on the edge, these diamond headpins make the perfect accent to any pendant or beaded earrings.

4. Teardrop Headpins

These teardrop headpins are made with 20 gauge wire and measured at just 2 inches with a half inch eye. Perfect for use as connections, charms, and earring dangles. With a nice smooth shape, these headpins make the perfect addition to any unique design.

5. Spiral Knot Headpins

These spiral knot headpins are made with 20 gauge wire and wrapped around for a spiral circular design. Each hand forged headpin is hammered at the end and wrapped back to the wire with inner circular design.

6. Wire Wrapped Loop Headpins

These wire wrapped loop headpins are made with 24 gauge wire and coiled back for effect and design. Measured several inches in length, these pins are perfect for use on earrings or combined with beads to create custom pendants.

7. Three Loop Headpins

These three loop headpins are wire wrapped around to create a unique loop designs and hammered at the end. With a long pin length, these headpins are perfect for use in earrings or combined to create pendants.

8. Daisy Ball Pins

Ball pins give one way to accentuate small delicate beads on your piece. Adding an additional element like a daisy spacer to your ball pin will give you the result of these beautiful daisy ball pins. These are 3 inches long, providing more than enough space to be wire wrapped to any design. They are also made of 24 gauge wire making them easy to work with.

9. Wavy Loop End Pins

These inner loop headpins are created with 18 gauge wire. They are handcrafted with a wavy end and than looped back for a simple closure. You can patina them for an antique look or leave in their original brass color. Total length is 2 inches.

10. Flat Paddle Headpins

Paddle headpins make the perfect addition to any bead for your jewelry design. These round flat paddle headpins are handmade with 21 gauge wire for a total length of 2 1/4 inches in length. They can be easily wire wrapped for your completed design and are perfect for charms.


11. Triangle Swirl Headpins

Swirl headpins are a popular choice for custom handmade pin designs. Taking the swirl to new heights with an outer triangular shape offers more design options to the jewelry maker. This variation can be combined with other geometric shapes for new customized styles. These are made with 20 gauge wire and hammered for strength. They have a total length of 2 inches.

12. Hammered Circle Headpins

These copper hammered circle headpins are made with a wide circular shape and looped back around wrapped around the pin. With a ball pin end, the extra added element is used as a part of its completed design with a colored edge. The circle shape is hammered for effect and stability.

13. Gold Spiral Headpins

These gold spiral headpins are made with 20 gauge wire and wire wrapped into a swirl shape before being hammered. With an added accent bead and 2 inch pin length, these headpins can be easily used for wire wrapped earrings or with use of a pendant.

14. Copper Swirl Headpins

These copper swirl headpins are made with 20 gauge wire and a 1 1/2 inch length. They are perfect for the bottom of pendants, charms, or wire wrapped beaded earrings. With a bottom design, these pins are perfect for added accent to any piece.

15. Square Flat Headpins

These handmade square flat headpins are made with 22 gauge wire and a total length of 1 1/2 inch. Loosely wrapped into a spiral and hammered, these headpins are bold and make the perfect accent to your next beaded design.



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