23 Elegant Pearl Birthstone Month Jewelry Designs

The pearl birthstone month is for the month of June. Popular for centuries because of their natural beauty, pearls are formed within a living creature. Natural pearls are rare and difficult to recover. However, cultured salt and freshwater pearls from mollusks can be seeded and produced naturally through a specific process. With many colors of pearls available on the market, white is traditional and timeless. Here is a look at some beautiful elegant pearl month jewelry designs that will inspire you to create your own one of a kind piece.

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1. Teardrop Pearl Birthstone Earrings

These gold teardrop birthstone pearl earrings feature dainty ivory freshwater pearls wire wrapped to some gold french wires. With a natural, iridescent flow to them, these earrings serve as the perfect accessory. Total length is 1 inch with a 9mm long pearl drop.

2. Adjustable Wire Pearl Ring

This minimalist ring is of gold plated carbon steel and accentuated at the ends with tiny freshwater pearl birthstones. With a double cuff, this ring is slightly adjustable to fit on most fingers or thumb.

3. Single Pearl Birthstone Necklace

This single freshwater pearl is wire wrapped on 14k gold chain with wire. With a dainty chain, this necklace can be worn alone or layered. A tiny birthstone pearl is secured to the hanging chain at the end of the clasp.

4. Gold Pearl Birthstone Bracelet

This dainty gold freshwater pearl bracelet is made with six freshwater pearls wire wrapped on gold cable chain. It is secured with a spring back clasp and hanging chain with charm.

5. Pearl Birthstone Threader Earrings

These cable chain earrings are made with beautiful pearl birthstone drops and wrapped on thin chain to make these beautiful threader earrings. Delicate and dainty, these pearl threaders are the perfect accessory for any occasion.

6. Pearl Birthstone Grape Style Earrings

These beautiful pearl earrings are wire wrapped on chain with ball pins to create a grape style earring. These pearl birthstones are accentuated on french style hooks and highlight the femininity and beauty of the beads. The total length of them are 2 inches.

7. Pearl Cluster Birthstone Earrings

This pearl cluster birthstone earrings feature an elegant and timeless collection of fresh water pearls wire wrapped on gold filled chain. With a nice white high luster, these birthstone pearls are accentuated with a series of gold headpin tips and secured on french wires.

8. Pearl Wire Wrapped Birthstone Ring

This small pearl gemstone is beautifully wrapped in gold filled wire and made into an elegant and delicate handmade ring. With a triple wrapped band and coiled sides, the pearl sits securely in the middle as the focal point.

9. Freshwater Pearl Birthstone Earrings

These freshwater pearls are wire wrapped on lever back hooks with a ball pin and securely attached. With a length of 1 inch, they are delicately wrapped with a lovely finish. Their petite design and simple beauty make them a beautiful birthstone piece to wear.

10. Gold Birthstone Pearl Necklace

This thin gold chain birthstone necklace features a simple pearl bead attached to long delicate chain and secured by a spring back clasp. Wear this piece alone or layer with other pieces to accentuate the simplicity and beauty of this pearl birthstone necklace.

11. Dainty Hoop Pearl Wrapped Earrings

These levered tiny hoops are accentuated with wire wrapped pearl design. Their subtle and delicate design contributes to the natural grace and elegance of the earrings. The clasps make them easy to wear while holding them securely in place.

12. Pearl Briolette Earrings

These birthstone earrings are made with pearl briolette beads wire wrapped on a pair of level back hooks. With just over an inch and a quarter in length, these earrings made the perfect birthday gift with just the right touch of sparkle.

13. Pearl Linked Birthstone Necklace

This pearl linked necklace is made with wire wrapped pearls and silver wire. A total of 32 inches in length, this can be wrapped twice for a necklace, or four times for a bracelet. The simple fresh water pearls are accentuated by the added length and color of the silver wire and make a beautiful delicate piece that is versatile to wear.

14. Freshwater Pearl Bar Necklace

This birthstone pearl necklace features a bar of freshwater pearls wire wrapped on thin chain. Each pearl measuring approximately 4 to 5mm in diameter, this delicate and simple piece is eye catching and a perfect choice to wear for many occasions.

15. Gold Pearl Long Hoops Birthstone Earrings

These elongated pearl hoop birthstone earrings are made with 5 small Swarovski pearls and measure approximately an inch and a half in length. This elegant shape highlights the pearls and makes it a beautiful gift to wear for any special occasion or just for daily use.

16. Pearl Hook Dangle Earrings

These 3mm sized pearls are attached to a gold wire french hook to create these unique birthstone pearl earrings. With a round pearl shape, this gold wire is formed into a french hook shape to create these delicate and elegant earring design.

17. Coin Pearl Birthstone Linked Necklace

This coin pearl birthstone necklace is made with 6mm round freshwater pearls that are wire wrapped together to create this beautiful piece. With gold filled wire, a large 16mm coin pearl sits at the center and is wire wrapped to the versatile link of pearls that complete this piece.

18. Coin Pearl Drop Earrings

These birthstone pearl earrings are made with large coin pearls and wire wrapped to gold round discs. Connected to lever back hooks, these elegant earrings hang at a length of just over 1 3/4in. Made with natural pearls, these earrings vary slightly in color and make the perfect accessory to a variety of outfits and occasions.

19. Pearl Bar Birthstone Necklace

A delicate series of pearl beads are placed in a row and wire wrapped to gold filled chain to create this elegant pearl bar birthstone necklace. Perfect for any occasion and delicate enough to accentuate the beauty of these pearl birthstones.

20. Pearl Birthstone Stacked Necklace

This pearl birthstone stacked necklace features five freshwater pearls with daisy spacer wire wrapped on gold chain. Secured with a lobster claw, this necklace is perfect to wear on your own or layered. This pearl necklace is secured with a lobster claw clasp and made the perfect birthday gift.

21. Pearl Leather Knotted Necklace

This pearl knotted necklace is a perfect gift for any birthday. Made with pearls in a tassel portion and knotted onto leather string, this piece is easily worn. Pair with your casual wear for a beach trip or dress up a nice black dress for a special event.

22. Pearl Birthstone Wrapped Necklace

This wire wrapped pearl necklace features gold chain and gold wire as each bead is wrapped around and made into a trio of beads and attached to the chain. With several accent beads attached to the top of the chain, this piece is secured with a lobster clasp.

23. Pearl Clustered Birthstone Necklace

This freshwater pearl necklace is made with an array of pearls wire wrapped on ball pins and attached to linked wire wrapped pearls. This beautiful necklace is classic in style and makes the perfect accessory to any occasion.


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