15 Perfect Amethyst Birthstone Month Jewelry Designs

Amethyst is February’s birthstone. This quartz contains a beautiful array of deep violet to lilac hue. Amethyst has long been associated with protection and balance. Purple has long been considered a regal color. Amethyst gets its name from the ancient Greek word of ‘amethystos,’ meaning not drunk. Leonardo da Vinci once wrote that amethyst enhances intelligence and protects against evil thoughts. These beautiful amethyst birthstone month jewelry designs are just some examples of handcrafted designs that will inspire you to start creating today. Do not let a February birthday pass by without a one of a kind gift.

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1. Raw Amethyst Birthstone Nugget


This beautiful raw amethyst birthstone nugget with electroplated edges is hung on a simple gold cable chain. It looks beautifully alone or added with a little accent bead at the end of the clasp or hung down with the amethyst nugget itself.

2. Amethyst Hoop Earrings


With the right cut of bead, you can easily attach to a shapely component for a completed piece. These arrow shaped amethyst beads hang from a pair of hoops to make a delicate birthstone accessory.

3. Amethyst Chip Chained Necklace


Simplicity is key in this piece. A single single amethyst nugget is attached to a thin gold chain to make this handcrafted necklace.

4. Wire Wrapped Amethyst Pendant


Taking a large amethyst stone provides the perfect opportunity to create an accented wire wrapped design for a one of a kind piece. Just check out this tree of life amethyst necklace hung on small silver chain.

5. Amethyst Birthstone Wire Wrapped Earrings


Amethyst is a great stone to wire wrap. It is accented in these sterling silver earrings. Purple amethyst briolette teardrops are wrapped with elongated ear wires to complete this simple and elegant piece.

6. Amethyst Silver Chain Bracelet


The right cut stone can make the perfect addition to any complete bracelet piece. This amethyst gemstone is connected with small silver chain to complete this simple and tasteful bracelet design.

7. Amethyst Chip Beaded Bracelet


This great amethyst bracelet is chunky and full of fun with an assortment of hanging amethyst beads on ball pins. With an extension chain and additional accent beads, this is a great piece to celebrate a special February birthday.

8. Amethyst Gemstone Beaded Bracelet


Amethyst goes well with other stones as well. In this gemstone beaded bracelet, there is moonstone and garnet along with gold spacers and polished amethyst beads.

9. Raw Amethyst Wire Wrapped Stud Earrings


Two petite raw amethyst nuggets are wire wrapped with gold wire to create these delicate studded earrings. They are very organic and natural looking.

10. Amethyst Bar Necklace


This beautiful simplistic bar necklace allows the amethyst beads to show through and be complimented by the metal chain and wire. With some small end spacers, these beads are wire wrapped and attached to create a nice focal point below.

11. Round Amethyst Wire Wrapped Pendant


Using a nice polished round amethyst bead, these necklace is contains a wire wrapped pendant hung on a small silver cable chain and secured with a clasp.

12. Amethyst Wire Wrapped Charm


Wire wrapping a simple amethyst briolette is another way to create a unique and one of a kind gift. They can attach their charm on a chain, hang on a key ring or utilize in another fashion. A nice texture ring is used as the attachment component.

13. Amethyst Multi Strand Beaded Bracelet


A multi strand bracelet is a great way to take your amethyst beads and accent them with seed beads for added fashion. A multi strand bracelet is still delicate with smaller beads but can be easily unwrapped to become a necklace.

14. Amethyst Wire Wrapped Linked Necklace


Wire wrapping small amethyst beads together is a great way to create a chain effect but with the delicate and beautiful accent of wrapped wire. This can easily be combined with other chains and textures to make it multi strand or just be worn alone for elegance and simplicity.

15. Round Wire Wrapped Amethyst Birthstone Earrings


These amethyst birthstone drop earrings feature a larger round bead and simply wire wrapped for elegance on a nice wire formed ear hook. These are great for any occasion and can be combined with small bicone beads or other accents to create new variations of this style.


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