12 Dollar Store Jewelry Storage Ideas

Being practical does not have to be costly. The dollar store is a great place to find unconventional solutions for storing your jewelry today. Check out this creative list of dollar store jewelry storage ideas.

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1. Mug Holders


A great way to add a little height to your shelf storage and combine your collection of bracelets and necklaces. Keep on the open counter, store on your dress top, or place behind the door of an armoire.

2. Ice Cube Trays

Ice cube trays are thin and have a low footprint. You can easily stack these in a draw or on a shelf. Ice cube trays are great for separating earrings, storing necklaces with chains, and keeping your accessories separated and easy to view and locate.

3. Waste Basket


This is a creative way to gain a lot of earring storage easily. This waste basket can easily double as a light in a corner. Depending upon what the basket is placed on, you can easily rotate it to see your entire collection.

4. Utensil Holder


Dress up this kitchen utensil holder by attaching it to a candle holder. You can paint it to decorate it up, or place an electric tea light inside to double it as a night light.

5. Photo Storage Box


This is a versatile storage option that offers many solutions for using this space. In this example, small dowel rods are used for easily storing bangle bracelets, but can be modified to fit many other needs as well.

6. Clothes Pins


There are many ways clothes pins can be combined with another item to extend your storage space. Paint and decorate to dress up your storage solution and layer your items using both the clip part and holder part for hanging your items on there.

7. Cooling Rack


A cooling rack offers many variations for jewelry storage. Not only can you hang just about any of your jewelry on it, but you can combine it with other items to extend your storage space even further. Paint and add trim to decorate your area.

8. Wall Adhesive Hooks


If you are lacking wall space and other areas, wall adhesive hooks on the side of a shelf or dresser is a great way to put your jewelry items on display. This offers an easy and quick solution to grabbing on the go.

9. Frames and Plastic Canvas


These can be used on a shelf or dress top, or combined with wall hanging frames to raise your storage up. This is an easy and innovative way to reuse old frames and even craft scraps for a jewelry storage solution.

10. Pants Hanger


Pants hangers are multi layered and easy to push aside in the closet to increase your storage space. Use this for rings, bracelets, and necklaces alike. Hang earrings on the bottom for easy access.

11. Shower Hooks


These hooks can be attached to anything and are a perfect solution for long or chunky necklaces. Hang in the closet or attach from a curtain rod on the wall or dowel rod hanging.

12. Tie Rack


This can be a space saving solution for any corner of the closet. It allows you to have complete view of your collection with an easy rotation to find the perfect piece for the day.

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