17 Elegant Slave Bracelet Designs for Jewelry Making

Slave bracelets are normally made with chain that connects the middle or ring finger to the bracelet. These hand adornments are normally associated with harem jewelry but have been vastly popularized in western culture for their style and accentuating of the hand and fingers. There are a variety of styles and beaded designs that include ornate hand connectors or even textiles. These elegant slave bracelets designs for jewelry making are just a sample of some great creative ideas to get you started today.

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1. Vintage Pearl and Rhinestone Slave Bracelet


This slave bracelet is beaded with white pearl and center rhinestone connector. The ring has matching rhinestone effect. The multi strand bracelet adds the necessary elegance that brings this piece together.

2. Turquoise Beaded Chain Slave Bracelet


The small beaded dangles on the chain add a little style and design to this gold chain slave bracelet. Formed to fit over the middle find, the ball pins on the beads continue to accent the gold tones that bring this piece together.

3. Copper Oval Turquoise Chain Slave Bracelet


These beautiful oval turquoise beads accent the deep copper tones of the chain that bring this slave bracelet together. Perfect to wear during any season and with a variety of styles.

4. Criss Cross Chained Slave Bracelet


This multi layered chain is designed to criss cross the center of the hand and connect to the index and ring fingers. With no added beads or connectors, the chain in itself creates a unique and elegant design.

5. Feather Beaded Chain Slave Bracelet


This slave chain bracelet is styled to the side over the index finger and features a nice hanging feather charm and beaded pendant. Several layers of chain dropping down help to bring this piece together.

6. Diamond Chain Slave Bracelet


This simplistic hand chain features a diamond pattern that progresses over the hand and is secured by chained ring loop. This slave bracelet is elegant with small, thin chain that helps to accentuate the hand and wrist.

7. Beaded Infinity Slave Chain Bracelets


These small beaded slave chains feature a nice wrap around the wrist with accented beaded center components. Great to wear on both hands, you can compliment with different color variations and combinations.

8. Beaded Thumb Chain Slave Bracelet


Just changing the style of how your piece connects can present you with a whole new style and appeal. This beaded thumb chain slave bracelet accentuates the inner side of the hand with a bead attached to a nice center component and secured with chain. This piece was created with the right balance of color and design.

9. Layered Slave Chain Bracelet


This slave chain bracelet comes off to the side and attaches at the thumb. It features beaded connection chain with two hanging charms at the finger. It is easily accented with a set of thick complimentary bangles to bring together the completed look.

10. Ring Linked Slave Chain Bracelet


This slave chain bracelet is layered and lengthened by a series of textured rings in the middle. Accenting the bracelet design with these connectors helps to provide a touch of elegance and style with a simplistic technique.

11. Multi Fingered Slave Chain Bracelet


This simple slave chain bracelet uses a nice darkened chain and is pulled together across four fingers to bring about a completed look. This bracelet can be easily accented with additional multi strand pieces on the wrist.

12. Ring and Chained Slave Bracelet


This delicate piece brings together both a slave ring and bracelet piece together. Complimented with small thin chain and nice rhinestone components, the bracelet includes multi layered chain along with a lacing effect to the finger tip ring.

13. Round Beaded Chain Slave Bracelet


This simple beaded slave chain includes three small round beads accented with thin gold chain on the hand. Delicate and thin, this slave chain is the perfect addition to any style or trend.

14. Lacing Ring Slave Chain Bracelet


This bracelet includes a nice laced bracelet with added metal component, thick white chain with pearl drops and added ring. This slave bracelet has a nice vintage and classic look that can meet a variety of styles and classic looks.

15. Gloved Chain Slave Bracelet


This chained slave bracelet fits over the hand like a glove. With four fingers attached to a diamond pattern chain wrap, it is secured at the bracelet line. Small connectors between the chain add a nice glimmered effect to its design.

16. Charmed Connector Slave Chain Bracelet


Using a nice pendant or connector can bring about its own unique style with a slave chain bracelet design. This piece uses a nice bronze metal arrow connected to thin cable chain to make its very own statement.

17. Black Laced and Bow Ring Slave Bracelet


This black slave chain bracelet features a laced cuff with bow ring and a few beaded accents. It is brought together with a drop of thin black chain.


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