24 Elegant Pearl Jewelry Designs

Pearl birthstone represents the month of June along with Alexandrite. Pearls have been regarded for their natural beauty for centuries. In Persian mythology pearls were worshiped and referred to as the “tears of the gods.” Since pearls are the only gemstone formed by a living creature, they are extremely rare and difficult to recover and require modern techniques in culturing to be produced. Pearls vary in color with the most classic and contemporary pearl being white. These beautiful pearl birthstone month jewelry designs are just some examples to the types of classic designs you can create.

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1. Oblong Wire Wrapped Pearl Birthstone Earrings

These wire wrapped pearl birthstone earrings are made with hammered wire shaped in an oblong hoop. These freshwater pearls float along the bottom of the hoop as they are secured and coiled along the bottom outer hoop.

2. Pearl Birthstone Choker Necklace

Linked together with ball pins, this pearl birthstone choker necklace makes the pearls float around looking like a vine around the neck. This pearl necklace is secured with a lobster clasp and extension chain.

3. Wire Wrapped Pearl Coin Birthstone Ring

This ring is handwrapped with gold wire and coiled around the coin shaped pearl to secure and frame this beautiful freshwater pearl bead. The simplicity of this style makes it a classic timeless piece.

4. Pearl Lariat Birthstone Chain Necklace

This minimalist style necklace features gold cable chain with leaf shaped link at one end and a dangle pearl hanging at the bottom. Wire wrapped on with a ball pin, two small white pearls are stacked and attached at the end. This necklace does not require a clasp and can be worn close to the neck or left connected lower below to create various styles and effects.

5. Natural Pearl Stacked Birthstone Earrings

These stacked pearl earrings are made with a ball pin and wire wrapped onto french wire hooks. With a gold bead slightly stacked towards the bottom, this classic piece captures the light with the basic white color against the metallic gold tones.

6. Pearl Birthstone Bracelet Gold Bangle

This gold bangle is attached to a wire wrapped white round pearl bead and accented with hanging personalized stamped charm. This pearl bracelet is made with a heavy gauge wire and hand hammered and tumbled for shine and strength.

7. White Birthstone Pearl Drop Earrings

These white birthstone pearl drop earrings feature a fish tail hook with oval textured link attached to a wire wrapped egg shape pearl attached with a ball pin. A simple design that has great flow along the hammered link making them capture light and elegance from afar.

8. Triple Linked Birthstone Pearl Chain Necklace

This dainty classic necklaces features three linked interlocking circles with a dainty pearl bead wire wrapped on end and connected to chain. This piece is secured with a spring back clasp for simplicity and appeal.

9. Pearl Birthstone Bar Necklace

This delicate pearl necklace features three pearl beads wire wrapped across onto gold cable chain. With small gold beads at the ends, this piece is accented with delicate metallic tones with a classic style. This pearl bar necklace is secured with a spring back clasp.

10. Pearl Gold Hoop Earrings

These simple gold wire hoop earrings are wrapped into a large wide hoop with floating bead in middle. A simple curved hook at the top allows for easy opening and closing to secure to your ear lobe.

11. Pearl Chain Linked Birthstone Bracelet

This pearl chain linked bracelet is made with pairs of pearl beads wire wrapped together onto a series of chain links. Secured with a spring back clasp, this bracelet has a link of extension chain and small pearl bead attached on a ball pin.

12. Fresh Water Pearl Open Hoop Earrings

These pearl open hoop earrings are made with ball pins and wrapped up and rounded with a hanging bar fresh water pearl bead. With an oblong shaped and nice champagne color, these earrings add a touch of elegance and class.

13. Pearl Birthstone Hammered Necklace

This silver chain necklace is made with a hammered texture rectangular shaped link with several rings and hung on a pearl bead wire wrapped on top.

14. Freshwater Pearl Beaded Birthstone Bracelet

This beaded pearl bracelet is made with a series of pearl beads and three accented metallic gold beads and secured with a lobster clasp. This simple classic piece is timeless and captures the light of the wearer.

15. Birthstone Pearl Briolette Earrings

These pearl briolette beads are wire wrapped onto long kidney shaped hooks creating a look of elegance and simplicity. Create several variations of this style by using french wires instead of accenting with a round gold bead at the top.

16. Hammered Dome Pearl Earrings

These elegant pearl earrings are made with silver textured domes and connected by a wide french wire hook with hanging wire wrapped pearl bead. These dangle earrings are perfect for a touch of elegance and simplicity.

17. Pearl Hanging Loop Birthstone Necklace

This birthstone pearl necklace is made with several layers of twisted circles with hanging fresh water pearl in the middle. Connected together with a jump ring, this piece is hung on box chain and attached by a lobster clasp.

18. Pearl Drop Wire Wrapped Birthstone Earrings

These pearl drop earrings are made with french wires and wire wrapped with pearl drop shaped beads. With a touch of shine and elegance, these simple earrings are timeless and beautiful.

19. Pearl Birthstone Threader Earrings

These gold rose threader earrings are made with a simple pearl drop bead at the end. The threaders are made with small cable chain and act as a nice accent to the round bottom shape of the bead below.

20. Gold Wire Birthstone Pearl Ring

This gold wire wrapped pearl ring is made with thick gold wire wrapped around four times with a round white pearl secured with a top coil. With a framed wire wrapped around the top of the bead, the pearl is brought forth as the center focus of this piece.

21. Knotted Birthstone Pearl Necklace

This simple freshwater pearl necklace is secured with a knotted silk thread and secured with a spring back clasp. This simple minimalist piece adds a touch of elegance to any casual wear.

22. Wire Wrapped Hoop Pearl Earrings

These wire wrapped hoop frames are made with wire wrapped coiled pearl beads along the shape of the hoop. Both elegant and dainty, these hoop earrings are a perfect design for daily wear.

23. Pea Pod Birthstone Pearl Bracelet

This gold birthstone pearl bracelet is made with two layers of chain and a wire wrapped pea pod shape with two complimentary round pearl beads. Add a touch of personalization with stamped charms. This piece is closed with a lobster clasp.

24. White Pearl Birthstone Charm

This white pearl drop bead is wire wrapped with silver wire onto a jump ring that can be easily attached as a charm, small pendant, or to a keychain. With your own pearl charm, you can add a touch of elegance anywhere serving as a reminder of your birthstone.


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