25 Incredible Bead Storage Ideas

When it comes to jewelry making, having beads organized and stored efficiently can make the creative process more fun and effective. It is easier to locate certain beads or to sort through your supply to become inspired with new ideas. Some of these incredible bead storage ideas will up your game and get you creating new designs today.

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1. Rectangular Clear Plastic Jars Bead Containers

Having a clear storage system is almost a must-have when it comes to bead storage. These small round clear plastic jars make it easy to sort through small seed beads. By having them grouped in these rectangular trays, you can stay them on a shelf or lay them in drawers for easy access and long term storage purposes.


2. Clear Drawer Trays

Another option is these specialty half tray cabinets. Made for use with a variety of craft types, you can convert this storage system into bead storage and organize strands of gemstones or jewelry findings in an easy to access place. Each drawer is labeled making it easier to locate and access your jewelry-making supply.


3. Lampwork Bead Box Display Case

This unique lampwork bead box is a perfect solution for any jewelry making or lampwork artist. Two trays are combined to make sections for housing your lampwork beads on steel mandrels. This can house more than 200 beads and is an excellent way to locate and keep your specialty beads together in a single location without worry of damage or cracking of any small details in the design.


4. Open Bead Storage Trays

These rows of open bead storage stackable trays make these beads look like little pieces of candy. With bold colors and a diversity of shapes, this is a great solution for beads to be organized in a grab and go fashion when designing.


5. Small Plastic Cups

These small plastic cups can be easily moved and organized with like colors in larger trays or across tables for easy organization. With wide enough openings to pick through, you can put mixed collections or larger gemstones together for easy bead organization.


6. Bead Bin

Take a hardware bin or storage drawer set from the store and convert it for beads. You can see here, they color-coded and kept like shapes together in a single bin. This is a great solution for findings and other small items to be grouped in a single storage solution.


7. Hang Up Bead Strands

If you find yourself having a lot of strands, finding a way to rehang them up can bring your supply forward and make it easier to locate and be inspired. This metal shelf unit provides a variety of ways to convert a single stand to a complete bead storage solution. From trays and baskets being used to house small beads and findings together for access, the strands are gathered together and hung from the end openings along the back and top.


8. Stackable Plastic Containers

This is a great solution for your go-to supply on the desk. This inexpensive stackable plastic containers easily store together on a paper towel style stand and have six compartments per case to put like items together. This is a great idea for findings and jewelry supply items that require regular use in your designs.


9. Baseball Card Holders

For those small seed beads and more intricate bead storage needs, baseball card holders offer a great solution. Using small storage bags, simply organize and put similar items together in a binder, separated by transparent pockets used for baseball cards. You can keep the binder on a shelf, laid out on the desk, or secured in a drawer.


10. Cube Shelf Unit

This smaller cube unit is a great idea to attach to a wall or put on top of your desk for your easy to grab most needed items. In this display, the wire is gathered below with tube containers above housing eye pins and headpins. Many findings and smaller metal spacer beads are gathered in the middle for ease of access. This is perfect for organized like items together by metal type and finding type.


11. Bead Bags on Rings

These little bead bags on rings offer a great way to put smaller beads and like items together with easy access on a desk or shelf. You can use a coffee mug holder to hang your rings from and simply hole punch the top of your baggies together on individual binder rings for storage.


12. Bead Bags on Pegboard

If you do not want your bags gathered together on a ring and want your items more easily put on display, adapt this solution of hanging them on pegboard. This keeps small items together and secured tightly in a sealed bag.


13. Open Trays on Shelf

If you regularly work from strands and design pieces, switching to a tray bead storage solution is one way to keep your like items together based on project type. Add a little microfiber cloth on the bottom of the tray to keep your project from shifting and simply store together on a thin small open shelf. This is a great bead storage idea for a person that is active in their jewelry making.


14. Bead Storage Drawer

This bead drawer makes it an easy go-to for your findings and supplies. Using the plastic beading cases, the tops were removed to create open trays. This works for items that may be a little bigger and need extra space such as the filler glue in the above example. This keeps core items easily accessed and organized in single storage space.


15. Stackable Plastic Jars

These screw one plastic stackable jars are a great way to keep your beads on display that can be arranged across a shelf or stacked up against a wall. This bead storage idea is cost-efficient and versatile.


16. Bead Tubes

These test tubes are perfectly converted into bead tubes. Perfect for smaller items, they offer a secure way to store your seed beads. With a little storage tray, these tubes are easily organized and kept together on a shelf or your table for ease of access.


17. Magnetic Display

Gluing magnets on the bottom of pill bottles or small plastic storage containers is another way to expand your bead storage solutions. This is perfect for commonly reach for items that will keep them easily available for regular use.


18. Plastic Bins

If you find that your bead storage can not be easily contained on a single shelf or shelving unit, you may find yourself having to look for bigger bead storage ideas. These plastic bins with labels offer a great way to keep your supplies easily organized. Keep like items together, sorted by types such as wire and bead string, findings and charms, to beads and gemstones.


19. Floating Shelf

Beads are small to stored and you may prefer to have everything available at your immediate view. Using a floating shelf such as this will allow you to use a variety of jars or plastic storage containers to line your collection up for easy access.


20. Metal Muffin Tins

With a few extra drawers or trays leftover, you can incorporate metal muffin tins as a way to keep active beads and available items at your disposal. This is perfect for working directly from and can be a source or inspiration when used.


21. Round Plastic Stackable Containers

Stackable containers provide a great bead storage idea for keeping like colors or like shapes of beads easily organized together. This makes the design process quicker and more efficient. In this example, the small round containers are also stored in a clear plastic drawer making it easier to see what is available for use.


22. Dowel Rod Bead Storage

Incorporate a dowel rod for a creative way of storing your beads. With hooks for each bag attached with a binder clip, smaller plastic bags are joined together with like items sorted. This is a great idea for getting supplies ready for coordinated projects or active designs in the process. It can also make it easier for jewelry making on the go. Simply grab a clip and take your items with you.


23. Cupcake Stand Bead Storage Cups

Get inspired by using an upcycled cupcake stand and place open containers on top with beads and findings within your arms reach. This bead storage idea is one way to encourage more crafting.


24. Bead Storage Metal Rack

With tons of seed beads and storage tubes, this metal rack provides a great solution for color-coding your bead supply. With some stackable labeled trays and wire gathered below, this is one comprehensive bead storage idea.


25. Custom Bead Shelf Storage

There is always the option to build your own. This custom made bead table and shelf storage were made with plier storage below and dowel rods added to hanging wire spools from. Above, there are a few shelves for the anvil, some beads, and additional findings. This is a great bead storage idea if you are wanting to create an actively used storage space on your desk.



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