25 Creative Jump Ring Jewelry Designs

Jump rings are an extremely versatile component in jewelry making. Suitable not only for securing clasps and components to your piece, jump rings can also be used by itself as a design element or to create a chain look with your piece. Here is a collection of some great creative jump ring jewelry designs that use a variety of sizes and patterns to create a series of unique pieces.

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1. Silver Bracelet Jump Ring Design


This great jump ring trio is a simplistic pattern consisting of circular shaped jump rings connected together. This is an easy design to secure and can be used to create a series of lengths for bracelets or necklaces. Attach a charm at the end or beads throughout the piece for additional variations of this design.

2. Silver Texture Ring Bracelet Design


This piece is the perfect example of how a textured closed ring can accentuate a piece. With a variation of line and dotted patterns, this silver texture ring bracelet design uses smaller jump rings to connect each line for a layered final effect.

3. Rainbow Stainless Steel Chainmaille Jump Ring Bracelet


Used colored jump rings to create new effects and designs in your jump ring pattern. This piece is made with niobium and stain steel jump rings for added strength and integrity in the design.

4. Jump Ring Chainmaille Weave Bracelet


This greatly crafted jump ring chainmaille weave bracelet is the perfect example of how you can take several variations of jump ring sizes and accentuate a single simplistic design. Created with elegance and precision.

5. Gold Knotted Jump Ring Bracelet


Use different metal tones of jump rings in your design to create variations in style. This gold knotted jump ring bracelet uses silver circular rings to connect each crafted knot for a different effect. Play around with lengths to turn this piece into a necklace chain.

6. Heart Locket Jump Ring Bracelet


You can take any jump ring bracelet design and end with a charm and bead at the end for an added effect. The jump rings play a secondary role in your design to the focused end embellishments.

7. Star Pointed Star Jump Ring Linked Bracelet


Go one step forward from the last design and instead of adding an embellished charm or bead, create your own unique jump ring design. This star takes the simply single linked jump rings to new heights with its intricately crafted embellishment.

8. Linked Jump Ring Holiday Mix Bracelet


Use colored jump rings to bring about a festive look in this linked jump ring holiday mix bracelet. This can be altered to match Halloween with orange and black pattern or any season of the year based on the selected color patterns.

9. Copper Linked Jump Ring Bracelet


Copper can be a nice accent in itself. Using a thick 14 gauge jump ring can help to create a heavier look that is appropriate for both men and women alike.

10. Bronze Jump Ring Linked Earrings


Linked jump rings also look great on the ears. You can do a similar bronze link byzantine pattern like the picture above or just a simple two by two link for hanging chain effect.

11. Multi Metal Linked Jump Ring Earrings


These mixed metal bronze and stainless steel jump rings are combined with byzantine pattern and two larger closed rings for added effect. The pattern can be similarly combined with a series of jump rings to create a pendant on hanging chain.

12. Texture Link Gold and Silver Jump Ring Bracelet


A combination of silver and gold jump rings are used in the basic chain pattern and accentuated with several larger twisted jump rings as a featured design. Play with other metal variations and textured patterns for new effects.

13. Multi Color Dangle Jump Ring Earrings


These simple little earrings use only a handful of jump rings to create nice dangle earrings. Using different color rings at the end can give you a variation of color and design to meet a variety of other complimentary styles.

14. Black and White Silicone and Metal Jump Ring Bracelet


Rubber and aluminum are two lightweight materials that make perfect options for any jump ring bracelet design. Use a combination of different colors to create new styles and designs.

15. Jump Ring Mixed Metal Chain


This jump ring chain is perfectly accented with the rotating pattern of copper and silver connected rings. Using with gold and silver to create new patterns and styles.

16. Multi Linked Jump Ring Chain


This toggled jump ring chain bracelet has a nice toggle effect. Two larger, contrasted metal jump rings are used in the center with three smaller jump rings connected in a staggered effect. Add big round textured rings in between for new variations in this design.

17. Jump Ring Weave Linked Chain


This complex jump ring bracelet uses four dimensions of jump rings to create a thick and heavy connected chain. Add additional rings to the pattern to turn turn into a necklace chain or combine with smaller rings for a multi strand piece.

18. Infinity Jump Ring Link Chainmaille Bracelet


This beautifully crafted jump ring chain uses jump rings over the center of the larger rings for added dimension and texture. Use mixed metals or add additional embellishments for new variations in style and design.

19. Beaded Chain Jump Ring Linked Bracelet


While jump rings act as their own accent and pattern in many cases, combining with small seed beads can accentuate a variety of patterns. This bracelet uses mix metals to finalize the beauty and uniqueness of this design.

20. Parallel Weave Jump Ring Multi Metal Bracelet


Gold and silver go hand in hand in jewelry. With this jump ring link pattern, this piece is both elegant and sophisticated, yet simple and stylish.

21. Seed Beaded Jump Ring Necklace


This jump ring linked piece with added seed beads are placed in a toggled pattern to add dimension and weight to the design. Combine with a multitude of other sized jump rings with added accent and embellishment with this design.

22. Texture Jump Ring Chain Linked Necklace


Use larger, textured and hammered rings to create a lightweight chain effect that is perfect for larger pieces like necklaces. Hang a few beads to your piecer or combine with a smaller cable chain for added texture and style.

23. Brass Chain Linked Hammered Bracelet


This bracelet is another example of using larger, closed, mixed metal jump rings for a well designed piece. Both lightweight and small, you can add various shaped jump rings for additional accent and embellishment.

24. Sterling Silver Linked Jump Ring Bracelet


This silver jump ring link bracelet shows how heavier weight and thinner weight of jump rings can be combined for a uniquely created effect. This design is also perfect to turn into a necklace piece or break down to a pair of simply jump ring linked earrings.

25. Multi Color Textured Jump Ring Bracelet


Combining three great jump ring elements, this bracelet uses both simply silver jump rings with colored jump rings. Finally, it is accented with larger textured twisted closed rings for a finished look.


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