25 Inspirational Ruby Birthstone Month Jewelry Designs

Ruby birthstone represents the month of July and is considered the king of gems. Most closely related to the symbol of love, health, and wisdom, the value of a ruby is based on its color and quality. This beautiful birthstone is traditionally given for the 15th and 40th wedding anniversaries. These inspirational ruby birthstone month jewelry designs are just some examples to the types of unique designs you can create.

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1. Layered Ruby Birthstone Necklace

This layered ruby necklace makes the perfect two in one design. The necklace is connected with a single clasp and made with gold filled chain. The stone size is approximately 8mm in size. These beads are the perfect choice for any piece where you can accent with a charm or secondary bead.

2. Ruby Briolette Birthstone Necklace

This ruby briolette birthstone necklace is made with gold wire and wire wrapped with small round gold bead to a cable chain necklace. This piece is the perfect accent to any dressy or casual outfit.

3. Ruby Cluster Earrings

These ruby cluster birthstone earrings feature an array of ruby beads wire wrapped with ball pins onto a leaf shaped wire hook. With genuine natural faceted rube stones, these custom pieces are delicate and bold in design and color.

4. Silver and Ruby Gemstone Birthstone Bracelet

This beautiful gemstone ruby bracelet is made with faceted and natural high quality beads. With 3mm ruby beads, these rondelle gemstone beads are accentuated with silver spacers and secured with a gold lobster clasp and extension chain.

5. Ruby Birthstone Wire Wrapped Necklace

This necklace features five faceted ruby rondelles wire wrapped together and suspended on chain. With a deep rich color, these glass filled rubies are accented with rose gold filled cable chain and secured with a nice lobster clasp.

6. Gold Ruby Briolette Birthstone Earrings

These wire wrapped ruby briolette beads make the perfect birthstone gift. Secured onto lever back hooks, these natural ruby gemstones are the perfect lightweight accent to any classic or simple drop design.

7. Raw Ruby Birthstone Ring

This raw ruby birthstone ring is made with natural rough cut gemstones and attached to a 3mm wide ring band. With some light texture, this piece has added dimension with natural beauty that shines.

8. Ruby Quartz Birthstone Necklace

This dainty ruby quartz birthstone necklace features a 12mm size pendant with leaf charm. Closed with a spring back clasp and hung on gold chain, this necklace is perfect for any occasion or special event.

9. Ruby Silver Ring Birthstone Necklace

This silver and ruby birthstone necklace features a rich color 20mm natural gemstone ruby bead. With a silver twig ring, hung on a small silver cable chain, this necklace is perfect for any event or occasion.

10. Red Ruby Gemstone Teardrop Earrings

These genuine ruby birthstone earrings are beautifully cut into teardrops and hung on french wires. With an elegant sterling silver trim, these beads are perfect for everyday wear or for use on a special occasion.

11. Ruby and Gold Beaded Birthstone Bracelet

This ruby birthstone bracelet is perfect for stacking with everyday wear. Featuring 4mm sized faceted ruby beads with gold spacer beads, this bracelet is closed with cable chain and a lobster claw clasp.

12. Ruby Birthstone Drop Pendant Necklace

This beautifully styled ruby birthstone necklace features a ruby drop pendant that is wire wrapped and hung on gold filled chain. Layer with a ruby bar necklace with gold accent beads above. This style is both elegant and eye catching at the same time.

13. Ruby Birthstone Briolette Drop Wire Wrapped Earrings

These classic ruby briolette beads are wire wrapped with gold filled wire and hung on french wire hooks. With balled ends, these earrings are simple and dainty in design. They are perfect to wear for any occasion or everyday wear.

14. Gold Wire Ruby Birthstone Bracelet

This beautiful ruby birthstone bracelet is made with gold wire and a 6mm round ruby gemstone in the center. Wire wrapping around the bead, this centerpiece is attached to flattened gold wire and added extension chain with lobster clasp. This is a great piece to wear daily and layer with other accessories.

15. Ruby Birthstone Necklace with Bezel End

This classic ruby birthstone necklace features a bezel set of ruby gemstones with connector. This two sided pendant captures the light from any angle and is wire wrapped onto thin gold cable chain and closed with a spring back clasp.

16. Raw Ruby Ring Wire Wrapped

This raw ruby birthstone ring is wire wrapped into a cage and attached in a solid design. This is the perfect stackable ring with high quality stone and wrapped with copper wire.

17. Ruby Stacking Birthstone Bracelet

This ruby birthstone bracelet is perfect for stacking and layering with other pieces. Made with 3mm sized natural and genuine ruby faceted rondelles and small gold filled round beads, this bracelet is secured with lobster clasp.

18. Ruby Wire Wrapped Pendant Beaded Necklace

This faceted ruby necklace is made with a briolette bead and wire wrapped with tiny round rubies. This timeless style is both classic and feminine. With gold cable chain, this piece is closed with spring back clasp and hanging extension chain with wire wrapped accent beads.

19. Ruby Wire Wrapped Birthstone Earrings

These faceted rondelle cut ruby gemstones are wire wrapped with rose gold filled wires and hung on frech wires. With a vibrant color, these red ruby gemstones are glass filled and hang with delicate beauty.

20. Ruby Pendant Birthstone Necklace

This genuine ruby necklace is made with a raw stone marquise cut gemstone and dangled from gold filled cable chain. Wire wrapped with a small gold round bead, this timeless necklace is secured with a spring back clasp.

21. Long Natural Ruby Drop Dangle Earrings

The natural ruby drop earrings feature three faceted natural ruby beads wire wrapped and attached with 14k gold filled wire. Hung on wire looped french style wires, the ball tips and bottom ball pins add a touch of class and simplicity to this piece.

22. Personalized Ruby Birthstone Necklace

This personalized ruby birthstone necklace makes the perfect accent to any gift. With a metal stamped leaf charm, you can easily take your gift to the next level with a personalized touch. This necklace is made with a large ruby pendant hung on some delicate cable chain and closed with spring back clasp.

23. Long Wired Ruby Birthstone Earrings

These long wire ruby earrings are both dainty and minimalist in design. With a simple hung gold edge ruby gemstone, these long kidney ear wires are perfect for daily wear or a special evening out.

24. Ruby Bar Bracelet with Gold Chain

This beautiful ruby bar bracelet is made with five rondelle cut beads and wire wrapped on small gold cable chain. This piece is secured with a lobster clasp. Add an optional extension chain and end dangle ruby bead to take this piece to the next level. This ruby bar bracelet is perfect to layer with other accented pieces.

25. Small Ruby Wire Wrapped Pendant Birthstone Necklace

This standard 18in necklace features a small wire wrapped ruby pendant hung on delicate cable chain. This faceted ruby briolette is wire wrapped with large hanging loop drawing attention to its delicate size and cut. This piece is secured with a spring ring clasp and can be taking to the next level with an accented end ruby bead added to some extension chain.


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