8 Beautiful Bead Cage Earring Designs for Jewelry

Bead cages offer a creative way to highlight your bead and offer a decorative casing for it to hang within. A perfect decorative accent to working with undrilled, raw, or polished stones, there are many wire wrapped bead cage earring designs for jewelry you can create. Here is a look at some beautiful bead cage earring designs that will inspire you to create today.

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1. Amethyst Wire Wrapped Bead Cage Earrings


These beautifully designed semi precious stone earrings highlight a handmade wire wrapped bead cage with undrilled polished stone inside. It is completed with a french wire hook and wire wrapped closure on top.

2. Bead Cage Drop Earrings


The circular bead cage wrapped on these drop earrings are the perfect accent to the green ball beads. With a wide looped top, they are easily accented with some small danging beads attached on headpins. Complete with french wire hook.

3. Blue Glass with Copper Bead Cage Earrings


The wire of your bead cages can also be colored and used as an accent in itself to your design. These thick copper wire wrapped bead cage earrings make the perfect accent to the blue glass transparent tone of the beads and completed with a pair of brass tone fish tail hooks. With many colored wire options available in the marketplace, you can choose from a variety of tones and shades for your wire to customize your earrings.

4. Goldstone Wire Wrapped Bead Cage


Use stone beads that are odd shaped and wrap inside a bead cage with hanging bead to make a nice accented design. Featuring a loop on top and bottom, you can easily secure your wire wrapped bead cage to a fish tail hook and hanging round bead with bead cap.

5. Spiral Wrapped Bead Cage Style Earrings


These loosely wrapped beads are placed inside a bead cage and attached with a jump ring to a wire wrapped ear wire. No need make your design symmetrical or tightly woven. Let the lose spun nature of the wire be its own unique design for your piece.

6. Hammered Gemstone Wire Cage Earrings


These wire bead cage earrings are accented with a hammered tail and curved ear wire on top. Laid in the center, these beads are mounted on the wire and spun around to create a unique cage design that is both crafty and unique.

7. Gemstone Bead Cage Earrings


These gemstone bead cage earrings feature hematite and are just one example of how to use dark stones and accent with a wire design. Add a bottom loop to connect your various bead cages into a bracelet or necklace. Or you can just simply attach an ear wire on top to make your own dangle gemstone bead cage earrings.

8. Bead Linked Cage Wire Wrapped Earrings


These patriotically designed bead link wire wrapped cage earrings show another creative way to use several beads and accent with a wire cage design. Wire wrap several bicone or rondelle cut beads and hang in between some spiral pulled out wire to create a unique floating style to your earring.



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