7 Amazing Bead Cage Designs for Jewelry

Creating bead cages for your jewelry is just one way to put a unique spin on your design while accenting your beads. Whether you are taking undrilled beads to create your own wire wrapped cage pendant for a necklace or using bead cages to link your beads together for a bracelet or necklace, this is one essential technique to learn. Here is a look at some amazing bead cage designs to make today.

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1. Sea Glass Pendant Bead Cage


This sea glass pendant is an example of one creative way to use undrilled sea glass beads. Stack your beads together and use wire to wrap a one of a kind pendant cage that is accented with surrounding swirls on top with wire wrapped loop.

2. Multi Bead Caged Necklace Charmed Pendant


Use a combination of small, coordinated beads to wrap in a circular cage and accent with a charm or hanging beads at the top. Keep your design simple and add your pendant to a snake chain.

3. Square Bead Cage Wire Wrapped Pendant

Square Bead Cage Wire Wrapped Pendant

Not all cage beads have to be wrapped in a circular or oval shape. This square bead cage wire wrapped pendant using a combination of different gauge copper wire to create a unique, simple, and well crafted square cage.

4. Red Wire Wrapped Bead Cage Pendant


Let color be the focus of your design as you take a dyed bead with matching ball chain and wrap a simple circular bead cage around it and accent the top with hanging charm.

5. Wire Wrapped Bead Cage Crystals


Wire wrapped bead cages can be used in a variety of accessory styles. These crystal bead cages are added to chain and used as a key chain for a one of a king accent.

6. Copper Wrapped Wire Cage Necklace


Dig into your supplies and use a variety of wire such as this copper option to accent your piece in style and color. Attach multiple bead cages with a jump ring to create a necklace or bracelet.

7. Crackled Glass Wire Bead Cage Linked Necklace


Crackled glass can be a bland option for many, but added wire bead cages to your beads help to elevate your piece in both technique and style.




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