How to Use Nylon Jaw Pliers

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How to Use Nylon Jaw Pliers

Nylon jaw pliers are an essential tool for any wire wrapper. Used to straighten jewelry wire, nylon jaw pliers are a valuable addition to your jewelry making toolbox. If you plan on doing a lot of wire wrapping, check out this video on how to use nylon jaw pliers and make note of the following tips and care advice.

5 Uses for Nylon Jaw Pliers

  • Straighten wire right off the coil to eliminate any residual curvature.
  • Flatten and straighten out kinks in the wire.
  • Correct wire wrapping mistakes.
  • Grip and manipulate the wire without leaving any markings.
  • For use to ‘work harden’ jewelry wire.


1. Grip the nylon jaws pliers over the desired wire piece.

2. If straightening wire, squeeze the pliers tight over the wire surface and pull towards the tip of the wire and release. Repeat until wire has reached its desired shape.

3. To straighten a kink in the wire, press nylon jaw tip firmly over the kink until it flattens and becomes even on the wire strand. Next, run nylon jaw outwards over the wire to smooth out.

4. Use the nylon jaw pliers to grip by firmly placing tip over the wire and twisting or manipulating remaining wire until your desired shape is achieved.

Note: Over time the nylon jaw pliers tip will show wear and markings from the wire with extended use. To replace the tip, simply unscrew the tips, remove, and replace with a new pair.

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