23 Beautiful Hand Chain Designs for Jewelry Making

Hand chain bracelets are primarily made of chain and a few beads or connectors that attach to a middle or ring finger on the hand from the bracelet. These hand adornments have long been associated with harem jewelry. Western culture and interest in these styles have been largely incorporated with new and modern trends. These hand chain designs for jewelry making are just a sample of some great creative ideas you can get started today.

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1. Triangle Bar Hand Chain Bracelet


This beautiful gold chain piece features a delicate bracelet and bar connector attached to thin gold cable chain that reaches to the center finger. Complimented with some gold stone bracelets, this triangular bar hand chain bracelet makes the perfect accessory.

2. Gold Triangular Drop Hand Chain Bracelet


These two hand chain bracelets are complimented with little component jewel drops and thin gold cable chain. Connected to the center finger, the shape and design of these bracelets are both simple and delicate in design.

3. Whimsical Seed Bead Hand Chain Bracelet


This beautiful hand chain bracelet features a whimsical center connection with small blue seed beads linked to gold cable chain. With a great balance of color and design, this hand chain bracelet compliments a multitude of looks and styles.

4. Jeweled Hand Chain Bracelet


This jeweled hand chain bracelet features several style chains and links brought together for a full five finger design. With several layers of thin gold cable chain, jeweled links, and a thick curb chain bracelet, this hand chain bracelet makes the perfect statement for any style.

5. Pearl Hand Chain Bracelet


This gold hand chain slave bracelet is accented with small gold chain and complimented with two small white glass pearls. This design intentionally features a double strand design connecting to the ring finger.

6. Crimp Pearl Hand Chain Bracelet


This delicate hand chain bracelet is complimented with thin silver chain for the bracelet and center finger part. It is linked with small white crimped pearls floating on silver chain.

7. Round Beaded Hand Chain Bracelet


This thin and delicate hand chain bracelet features small round beads linked together to the index finger. It is secured with thin chain bracelet at the wrist. Its simple design and touch of color makes it the perfect companion for any style.

8. Diamond Linked Hand Chain Bracelet


This small hand chain bracelet features a wide center diamond component leading to the center finger and connected to jump rings. With gold tone chain, this hand chain is delicate, yet modern and stylish.

9. Arrow Beaded Hand Chain Bracelet


This beautifully designed hand chain bracelet features oval beads with several connection points of chain that bring this piece together. Connecting with the middle finger, this arrow designed piece does not connect to a traditional wrist bracelet end, but instead is drapes together as a part of its final closure.

10. Red Chainmaille Hand Chain Bracelet


This chainmaille piece takes design to a whole new level. Using jump rings and silver thin cable chain with red beads and round links, this hand chain bracelet secures itself around the index and ring fingers of the hand.

11. Pyramid Hand Chain Bracelet


This hand chain bracelet features a bronze to copper tone wire connected into a two layer pyramid shape and secured around the middle finger. With just a few jump rings to link the chain together, this simple and delicate piece is both elegant and stylish.

12. Layered Drape Hand Chain Bracelet


This hand chain bracelet uses multiple layers of chain with rhinestones, cable chain, and curb chain to create its finished look. Connected to the thumb, middle, and pinkie finger, this piece secures itself like a glove. Its layered drape effect highlights it beautiful style and design, while also adding a touch of glamour and elegance to its wearer.

13. Triple Bar Hand Chain Bracelet


This gold bar connected hand chain bracelet features three rows of chain layered over the wrist and connected with small textured gold tone bars before being secured over the middle finger. This piece accentuates the hand and wrist with its beautiful delicate design.

14. Wrist Glove Hand Chain Bracelet


This hand chain bracelet features a thick gold curb chain for the wrist and layers of crossing chain patterned over the back of the hand before being secured over the middle finger. This piece makes a bold statement of beauty and style.

15. Heart Link Hand Chain Bracelet


This silver hand chain bracelet links together heart connectors with rows of cable chain. With a double chain bracelet at the wrist, this piece secures itself over the middle finger. The heart connectors bring together this stylish and trendy bracelet style.

16. Linked Bar Hand Chain Bracelet


This seven linked bar hand chain bracelet features a ring on the middle finger and progressing layers of chain to the wrist area. With thick bar connectors, each layer is pulled back to the multi strand clasp on the other side. This hand chain bracelet grasps the hand beautifully with its delicate design and simple statement.

17. Simple Ring Hand Chain Bracelet


This simple ring hand chain bracelet features a single band on the middle finger connected with a jump ring on thin chain connected to the wrist. In the middle is a simple jewel beaded connector. This delicate and elegant hand chain accentuates the hand and adds beauty and elegance where needed.

18. Star Hand Chain Bracelet


This star shaped hand chain is a beautiful addition to any wrist and hand. Accentuated with center ring, multiple chains are brought together to create its unique and beautiful design. Add different tones of chain or beads for different variations of this style.

19. Turquoise Linked Hand Chain Bracelet


This beautiful turquoise linked hand chain bracelet uses a bar linked chain for the wrist and connects a line of several linked turquoise beads with a larger connector. Wire wrapped onto a jump ring, this piece is centered on a small touch of color and design to bring together its style and beauty.

20. Silver Thumb Hand Chain Bracelet


Most hand chain bracelets are connected to the index, ring, or middle fingers. This piece however, uses a decorative chain and highlights its design elements being focused on the thumb area. With a slight pattern linked together, this silver thumb hand chain bracelet accentuates the outer finger area.

21. Double Layer Hand Chain Bracelet


This double layer hand chain bracelet features jeweled connectors with oxidized sterling silver chain and lobster clasp. The multi layer design adds a touch of delicacy and beauty to an already eye catching design. Use different color chains to create new effects and styles with this double layer design.

22. Turquoise Center Hand Chain Bracelet


This hand chain bracelet is assembled with a turquoise center connector linked on four ends. Brought together with a small cable chain connected at the middle finger and wrist, this hand chain bracelet design adds a touch of simple elegance to the hand with complimentary bead color.

23. Middle Pointed Hand Chain Bracelet


Colored chain can be a design element in itself. This beaded linked hand chain bracelet connects to a thin cable chain at the wrist and is brought together to the middle finger ring area. Whether you use a ball chain or small beaded connectors, you can create a similar effect and design yourself.


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