15 Beautiful Wire Wrapped Clasps to Create

Handmade clasps give just another opportunity for your jewelry piece to have a unique handcrafted component. This series of great handmade wire wrapped clasps for to create for jewelry making are just some examples to the types of styles and looks you can create.

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1. Swan Hook Clasp

With a thick 14 gauge wire, this handmade spiral copper clasp is made in the same of a swam. A spiral center and pointed bottom, the hook is hammered at the ends and looped back. The second piece has a complimentary spiral center and is looped back to create the eye for the hook.

2. Silver Spiral Hook Clasp

This sterling silver spiral hook and clasp set is perfect for any piece. Approximately 1 inch in diameter, it is made with 18 gauge wire and hammered slightly for shine and added strength. With a spiral center, the outer loop is made wide to create the eye for the hook. Both pieces are attached with jump rings and the wire coiled back at the ends.

3. Silver Coiled Toggle

This silver coiled toggle is formed with a loop and coiled back and wrapped with the bar made with end loops and spacer bead. Various wires are used to form this toggle starting with a 16 gauge base and 24 and 26 gauge wire for the coil. A 4mm size bead is used as the spacer that can be interchanged to match your piece.

4. Rose Wire Wrapped Hook Clasp

This rose wire clasp is perfect for making your piece stand out. With a 1 inch length, these can be used for a single or multiple strands. With a double wired hook facing down on one end, the opposite piece has two eyes for attachment to your piece and to complete your closure.

5. Bracelet Wire Wrapped Clasp

This bracelet wire wrapped clasp is made with a comfortable closure for wear. Formed to fit snugly, this wire bangle has a double wire hook connected to a wide eye loop with coiled back ends.

6. Double Back Hammered Copper Hook

This textured copper hook is complimented by the beautiful bead it is attached to. With one hook and loop coiled securely for attachment, the opposite hook is made wider and longer for attachment to a fully coiled eye.

7. Wire Spiral End Toggle Clasp

This copper spiral end toggle clasp is made with 18 gauge wire and hammered for added shine and security. The eye is made with a large circular shape and looped back to secure to a jump ring. The bar is made with a wide ended bar and spiral ends for design and security.

8. Silver Infinity Wire Wrapped Clasp

This silver wire wrapped clasp is made with 20 gauge silver wire and is hammered and tumbled for strength and shine. A single wrapped hook with coiled end makes up one end while a double back infinity loop with coiled wrap is used as the eye for the hook.

9. Copper Hook Wire Wrapped Clasp

This copper hook wire wrapped clasp is made with 14 gauge wire and hand forged with a wide loop hook with curled back ends and large eye. The eye is double wrapped and coiled at the connection end for style and stability. Total size is approximately an inch and a half in length.

10. Texture Straight Bar Wire Toggle

This copper wire toggle is made with with a wide figure eye shaped loop with straight edge bar attachment. With hammered edges, this toggle is modern and decorative for various designers and would look great with a wire or mixed metal piece.

11. Basic Hook and Eye Wire Clasp

This basic hook and eye clasp is made with a single loop ring for the eye and basic formed hook with coiled back end. This is lightweight and perfect for delicate made pieces.

12. Gold Bangle Hook Wire Clasp

This gold bangle bracelet is made with straight square wire and formed to end with a hook clasp and coiled loop ends. Simply squeeze gently to release the hook or secure it safely to the rounded eye.

13. Figure Eight Hook Wire Clasp

This whole bracelet is made with wire and secured with a copper hook wire clasp. Made with 16 gauge wire, the hook is a basic standard shape with curved end and a figure eight shaped eye that attaches to the copper wire piece. It is hammered for shine and security.

14. Wide Loop Copper Hook Clasp

With a wide hammered hook, this bracelet is made with Egyptian style copper and coiled back wrapped eye. The wire continues throughout the entire piece bringing it all together.

15. Copper Ankle Bracelet Hook Wire Clasp

This copper wire hook clasp is a simple design that is used to attach to a varying length of connected links of the piece. An individual or unique eye is not required for the opposite end. This is a great choice to incorporate with adjustable length pieces.



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