How to Use End Cutting Nippers

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How to Use End Cutting Nippers

End cutting nippers are an essential tool in any jewelers toolbox. Used to cut off the end of your wire, the end cutting nippers is a great alternative to side cutters or flush cutter pliers. There are many benefits to using end cutting nippers. With a broader head and tapered end, these are a great option for wire working.

End Cutting Nippers vs. Flush Cutter Pliers

End cutting nippers are perfect for cutting off the end of an earstud or trimming flat wire. They work well with cable style beading wire, soft and hard wire wrapping wire, cutting thicker posts or pegs. While they may have some difficulty reaching tight ends or spaces, flush cutter pliers offer an additional benefit.

flush cutter pliers are great for head pins, eye pins, cable style beading wire, hard and soft wire wrapping wire. With a side jaw direction, its angled tip allows the user to cut on the diagonal reaching tight ends and corners. Depending upon your project tip, both cutter options have their own set of benefits and uses.


1. With one hand, use the flat nose pliers to secure your component before beginning any manipulation of the wire with the end cutting nippers.

2. Align the open jaw of the end cutting nippers with the area you would like to remove.

3. Squeeze the handle down tightly until the wire has been removed.

4. Release the grip on the end cutting nippers to remove.

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