15 Great Aquamarine Birthstone Month Jewelry Designs

Aquamarine is March’s birthstone. With a deep rich color ranging from pale to deep blue, aquamarine is a symbol of youth, health, and hope while also being reflective of the sea and water. It’s name is derived from the Latin word for seawater and has many myths and legends related to it. This beautiful collection of great aquamarine birthstone month jewelry designs are just a few to get you inspired to create your own unique gift today.

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1. Aquamarine Birthstone Wire Wrapped Briolette Earrings


These beautiful aquamarine briolette earrings are wire wrapped with gold wire and accented with gold round bead. With lever back earrings, these nice quaint dangle earrings are both delicate and classy.

2. Beaded Aquamarine Birthstone Bar Necklace


With a selection of aquamarine birthstone bead chips, this necklace is constructed with gold chain and secured with a spring back clasp to extension chain with beaded end. This simple design adds subtle beauty and a touch of elegance.

3. Raw Aquamarine Birthstone Wire Wrapped Earrings


These nice size raw aquamarine chips are securely attached by wire wrapping to some french wire hooks. Lightweight and organic, the stones sparkle on their own and add a sense of femininity and elegance to its wearer.

4. Round Beaded Aquamarine Birthstone Bracelet


These large round aquamarine beads create this beautiful birthstone bracelet that is adorned in both elegance and simplicity. This is the perfect gift for anyone to compliment their style with pale blue and greenish tones.

5. Infinity Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace


This beautiful aquamarine wire wrapped briolette bead is attached to an infinity component and hung on silver chain. It is the perfect birthstone necklace design to gift a friend or loved one as a symbolic reminder that love has no end. This symbol also represents eternal friendships and relationships.

6. Raw Aquamarine Birthstone Pendant Necklace


Aquamarine is such a beautiful stone that it can shine alone in its own raw organic state. This pendant necklace is the perfect example of taking a raw drilled aquamarine bead and turning it into a simple pendant on chain.

7. Aquamarine Beaded Bar Birthstone Necklace


Attached to gold chain, this beaded bar of aquamarine is the perfect style for any birthstone necklace and gift. Add a few charms or change the thickness and style of the chain to create many new variations of this piece.

8. Aquamarine Birthstone Beaded Bracelet


This simple beaded aquamarine birthstone bracelet is accented with pink sapphire and secured with a lobster clasp. With a translucent tone and soft sparkle, this bracelet can be easily paired with others styled variations or chains.

9. Long Chain Wire Wrapped Aquamarine Birthstone Earrings


With small wire wrapped briolette beads, you can create your own variation of these long chain wire wrapped aquamarine birthstone earrings. Simple attach your components with a jump ring and secure with a lever back hook.

10. Chain Wire Wrapped Aquamarine Birthstone Month Necklace


With only a few wire wrapped aquamarine birthstone beads, you can space them out with nice accent gold chain to create this elegant piece. Secure with a spring back clasp and extension chain as needed.

11. Raw Beaded Aquamarine Birthstone Necklace


With a nice size drilled raw aquamarine bead, you can attach a variety of chain styles and thicknesses to create a simple hanging necklace. Accent with a few attached beads or charms to create your own variation of this piece.

12. Gold Aquamarine Beaded Round Hoops Birthstone Earrings


Hoops are a great earring style that allows you to bring focus on the beads hanging against the wire. This birthstone earring style features several aquamarine beads with gold round spaces nestled together and hung on a french wire. Simple and elegant, these beaded round hoops are perfect for any occasion.

13. Round Aquamarine Gemstone Beaded Bracelet


This beautiful combination of aquamarine and lava stone beads and copper spacers are brought together to make this nice gemstone beaded bracelet. This accents well with copper bangles and other chained pieces.

14. Aquamarine Raw Shard Birthstone Earrings


These rough, raw shards of aquamarine beads make the perfect accent to this wire wrapped hoop earring style. It is secured on a pair of lever back hooks and lined across for both dimension and style.

15. Wire Wrapped Aquamarine Birthstone Charms


These beautiful and shimmer aquamarine briolettes are wire wrapped and attached to a jump ring to use with a chain, key ring, or any other charmed accessory. Add these birthstone charms to the end of a chain bracelet for accent.


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