How to Use Flat Nose Pliers

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How to Use Flat Nose Pliers

Flat nose pliers are one of the most necessary and useful tools to have in a jewelers toolbox. Closely related to the chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers have smooth inside jaws and are handy for manipulating and handling your jewelry components and wire.

3 Uses for Flat Nose Pliers

1. Holding onto wire.

Tightly secure your wire with a flat nose pliers as you wire wrap with the other hand or turn your piece around to attach additional components.

2. Opening and closing chain and jump rings.

This can require an additional flat nose pliers or option of a chain nose pliers. Securely hold your chain or jump ring and twist to open or close.

3. Bending wire.

Perfect for securing eye pins, bending wire for forming shapes and wire wrapping, or just aiding in giving you more control as you are assembling your piece.


1. Align the open jaw of the flat nose pliers over the area you will like to grab.

2. Squeeze the handle down tightly until the pliers has secured itself.

3. With the other hand use the chain nose or round nose to open or manipulate the wire.

4. Secure your component and close.

5. Release your grip on the flat nose pliers to remove.

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