17 Incredible Felt Earring Designs to Create

Felt is a fun textile material that is both colorful and creative to use. You can combine these natural fibers with beads, charms, or embroidery threads to create a wide variety of earring designs. Here is a look at some unique and incredible felt earrings designs to get you inspired to create something new today.

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1. Layered Felt Feather Earring Design


Using several tones of blue and accented yellow felt, these feathered shape felt earrings are secured with a jump ring and attached to a blue glass bead. Use different color variations or hand cut designs to change the style of your piece.

2. Flower Felt Earring with Charm Accent


Combining felt with charms can garner a nice spring or summer design as in these flower felt earrings with bird charm accent. Create different versions of this by combining various styles of felt shapes and charm accents for new styles.

3. Felt Leaf Earring Design


This felt leaf earring design is layered with hand stitched details. Connected with a jump ring and secure with fish tail hooks, you can change up the colors and shapes to make the leaves more feather like.

4. Modern Circle Felt Earrings


These modern circle felt earrings are combined with fabric and eyelets to create these retro pieces. Secured with an eyelet and hung on a jump ring, these earrings are connected with a fish tail hook.

5. Stitched Leaf Felt Earrings


These felt and mesh pieces are combined with stitching and secured with a jump ring to make a fun, creative, and colorful design. These earrings are secured with a fish tail hook and can be combined with various colors to create new styles and designs.

6. Button Felt Leaf Stitched Earrings


Combine other textile elements to create detailed and creative felt and button earrings. These stitched felt leaves are hooked on an antiqued button and secured with a fish tail hook.

7. Circle Stacked Felt Earrings


These circle stacked felt earrings use color variations to add an additional style and variation to these textile pieces. Add hanging beads or charms for new variations or different color variations to take these earrings to the next level.

8. Simple Layered Leaf Felt Earrings


These teal and orange simply layered leaf felt earrings are suitable for a variety of outfits and styles. Add small beads or stitching to create different variations of this style with more detail.

9. Three Leaf Stitched Felt Earrings


The colors of gray and yellow green tones help to bring these three leaf stitched felt earrings together. With accent stitching, you can combine various elements for new designs with this piece.

10. Stitched Beaded Button Felt Earrings


Combining stitching and small beads to any felt earring design gives it great detail and design. These beaded button felt earrings have a center jewel and use complimentary colors to bring it all together. Gray stitching is used as a color accent and the whole piece is connected to a french wire.

11. Folded Felt Leaf Earrings with Bead


These leaf earring design featured a folded top with hanging accent leaf bead. With deep tones, these are perfect for the fall and winter time, representing the falling leaves of the season. This piece is secure and connected to a gold tone fish tail hook.

12. Orange Modern Felt Earrings


These orange modern felt earrings are accented with a gold tone thread that is wrapped around for a netted design. The brighter tones of the thread help to bring out the deeper orange tones of the felt and create a nice, fun accent. Combine with beads or charms for new variations.

13. Purple Circle Hoop Felt Earrings


These purple and pink tones are combined to make these modern circle hoop felt earrings. Thick and bold, these earrings will definitely bring attention to any complimentary outfit. The shape and layered effect is both fun and modern in design.

14. Brown Stitched Feather Felt Earrings


Different from the more modern leaf shapes above, these more detail cut felt feather earrings are cut, stitched, and layered for this unique design. Connected to a french wire hook with thin thread, these earrings are lightweight and creative.

15. Hand Stitched Embroidered Felt Earrings


Take embroidery to the next step by combining with felt for these beautifully detailed earrings. Each earring has its own unique details with a bee on one side and a stitched butterfly on the other side. They are secured with stud back findings and zig zag edge accent.

16. Circle Wrapped with Bead Felt Earrings


These three layered felt earrings are brought in and wrapped together at the top and secured with a pearl bead. Secured to a fish tail hook with a jump ring, combine various color combinations for new styles and looks.

17. Beaded Layered Felt Earrings with Studs


These stud back felt earrings take several layers of felt and combine with a beaded center for accent. These are perfect for making a bold statement and can be combined with several color combinations for a new look.


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