21 Pretty Mixed Metal Earring Designs

Mixed metal jewelry is a great way to take the metallic tones of alloy metals to create unique and one of a kind jewelry. Mixed metal earrings typically encompasses steampunk and industrialized styles. With a touch of elegance and simplicity these mixed metal earring designs will get you inspired to create your own piece today.

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1. Hammered Silver Mixed Metal Earrings

These sterling silver hammered hooks are accented by a gold wire wrapped top that adds contrast and color to these simple earrings. These earrings are cold forged and tumbled for strength and shine. With simply french wires, these earrings are made with 20 gauge silver wire.

2. Geometric Mixed Metal Earrings

Constructed with brass and copper, these mixed metal earrings are 2 inches in length and lightweight in design. With three layers for geometrically shaped metal discs, these earrings are accented with a round brass and copper metal bead wire wrapped with copper wire on french wire hooks.

3. Sterling Silver Mixed Metal Hoop Earrings

These sterling silver metal hoop earrings are accented with hollow gold curved tubes. These are extremely lightweight and are dainty and unique in design. Create various versions of this style by combining different metal variations for new looks.

4. Silver Coin Gold Ring Mixed Metal Earrings

These round hammered silver coins are pierced and attached with gold rings layered on top and connected by a single jump ring. With wide custom ear wires, these small dainty earrings are accented by contrasting metal tones.

5. Silver Hammered Mixed Metal Threader Earrings

These flattened silver mixed metal earrings are made with sterling silver wire and hand forged. Accented with gold filled coiled wire, these earrings are both simple and elegant. Their total drop length is 2 inches, making them perfect for accenting a variety of outfits and occasions.

6. Copper Framed Mixed Metal Disc Earrings

These heavily textured silver metal discs are framed with thick copper wire and attached with coiled brass wire around. With a unique texture and tones, these earrings are perfect for daily wear.

7. Pendulum Mixed Metal Wire Earrings

These earrings are created by the inspiration of clock movements. With a center hand forged bead, this piece has great movement and swings freely in the center. With a total length of one inch, the lever backs securely bring this piece together for the complete uniting of oxidized silver and gold tones.

8. Layered Rings Mixed Metal Earrings

With silver and gold hammered rings, these layered circular earrings are combined with a double jump ring layer that connects them together. The simplicity and shine of these pieces make them a perfect addition for everyday wear or an elegant touch for any special occasion.

9. Rustic Hoop Mixed Metal Earrings

These teardrop wire wrapped mixed metal earrings make the perfect example of style and rustic wear. Made with silver wire and formed in a tear drop shape, these earrings are wire wrapped at the top and attached to a french wire and accented with gold tubal bead. This is a great variation to traditional hoop wear.

10. Mixed Metal Washer Earrings

These three layered washer earrings are made with copper, brass, and silver washers of varying sizes. They are brought together with a wide jump ring and attached on a fish tail hook.

11. Hammered Gold and Silver Coin Earrings

These small dangle earrings are made with a hammered gold and smaller silver coins before being attached to a pair of french wires. With only a total diameter of 5/8in inches, these earrings are both dainty and simple for everyday wear.

12. Geometric Mixed Metal Copper Earrings

These long metal plates of silver and copper are layered and connected with an oxidized ring. With a total length of 2 inches, these earrings are hung together on fish tail hooks and hand cut into shape.

13. Layered Geometric Mixed Metal Earrings

These layered mixed metal earrings are made with copper rings, and diamond shaped mixed metal rings and attached together on jump rings. Hung on silver ear wires, the layers and dimensions of these earrings made them a perfect modern addition to any style of daily wear.

14. Beaded Bar Mixed Metal Earrings

Mixed metal earrings can also be complimented with an array of metal beads. In this set, small gold metal rings and metal silver spacers are brought together on a wire wrapped gold ball pin and attached to gold french wires. With shine and simplicity, these mixed metal earrings are perfect for any event or occasion.

15. Brass Coins Mixed Metal Earrings

These oxidized coin mixed metal earrings are perfect for a rustic or steampunk appeal. With a brass, silver, and gold coin layered, these earrings are hung on wide long kidney wires and accented with metal beads.

16. Leather Wrapped Mixed Metal Earrings

These wide mixed metal rings are hung and attached on ear wires with a small leather strap. Lightweight and easy to wear, these earrings are both casual and textured for added appeal.

17. Gold Ring Mixed Metal Earring Drops

These dainty mixed metal earrings are small and made with a small silver hammered coin and surrounded by wide gold ring. They are hung on flattened ear wires that help to accent and draw attention to the small rings that are dropped below. These are made with 20 gauge wire and perfect for everyday wear.

18. Gold Silver Modern Hoop Mixed Metal Earrings

These long drop down flattened hooks are made with silver ring spacer beads and gold coil wire for added effect. With a straight edge across the top, the bottoms of the ear wires are flatten wide for effect and shine. These pieces are made with 20 gauge wire.

19. Copper Brass Mixed Metal Coin Earrings

These wide metal coin earrings feature copper flat round plates layered with an antique brass coin topping. With an added swirl charm, these pieces take on a south western look and bohemian style. Each earring is hung with brass jump rings and attached to a fish tail hook for a closure.

20. Silver Bar Mixed Metal Earrings

These small silver bar mixed metal earrings are made with a textured hammer silver backing with coiled gold wire stretched across the bottom. Each bar is hung on a fish tail wire for completion. The bars are made with a slight curve to reflect natural light and give added shine to the piece.

21. Metal Beaded Mixed Metal Threader Earrings

With tiny metal beads lining 20 gauge wire, these mixed metal threader earrings were hand formed with flat top and curved hook stretched in the back with ball pin bottom. A coiled wrap is formed at the top of the tiered beads for added security and decorative effect. These earrings are both modern and simple for everyday wear.


  1. Very inspirational! Video was just my speed, and the clarity of it was great. Very easy to follow. I’m a beginner and just trying to occupy my time while staying indoors to avoid the covid virus. Thank you.

    • Wow! I appreciate the great feedback. Thank you for checking out the video and stopping by to let me know how helpful it was. I am so happy to hear you have taken this down time of being indoors and used it as an opportunity to get creative! Happy Crafting!

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