27 Creative Earring Wire Frame Designs

27 Creative Earring Wire Frame Designs

There is so much you can do with just a few beads and wire. Making your own earring wire frames give you the ability to expand your creative imagination. You are able to make your beads the central design element of your piece or expand your wire frame to create new dimension and wonder. These creative earring wire frame designs are just some ideas to get you inspired and encourage you to expand your own imagination.

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1. Turquoise Copper Tear Drop Earring Wire Frame

This copper teardrop wire frame is made with 20 gauge wire and spiraled inward before being hammered. Taking 24 gauge wire you can add small seed beads to the frame for additional color and as a new design element. For this piece, small turquoise beads were wrapped in conjunction to the inner tear drop each towards the outer part of the frame.

2. Oxidized Labradorite Wire Frame Earrings

Using sterling silver wire, these wire frame earrings are created with one motion moving outward and wrapped around to form the final ear wire. Oxidizing the wire allows it to be darkened and create a nice accent to the center labradorite briolette cut bead. Attach your center bead with a thinner gauge wire for added wrap design and stability in your piece.

3. Copper Harp Earring Wire Frame

Shaped like a bow or harp, these thick copper wire frame earrings used mixed metals to add an additional design element to the piece. With a smaller gauge silver wire, several small round silver beads are coiled upwards to the straight edge, with a small rounded bottom pinched together for added stability and formation. The top is coiled back and looped to be hung on matching silver fish tail shaped hooks.

4. Egg Spiral Copper Wire Frame Earrings

Using a nice rich metal tone like copper can be a bold design element on in its own. These egg shaped spiral copper wire frames used a heavier 14 gauge soft copper wire to form its base design. It is hammered for shine and durability. Additional small hanging loops are formed and hammered to be attached to the inner small loop. Make different variations of this style using beads coiled on the outer part of the spiral or beaded hanging drops below.

5. Metal Heart Earring Wire Frames

With one single length of wire you can form your own wire earring frame and hanging ear wire with just a few twists and turns. In this piece, two inner loops are used with a bottom curve to create a floating heart shape. The remaining wire is than rounded back to form the attached ear wire for the ear. Hammer the ends and corners for attach strength, shine, and durability.

6. Blackened Horseshoe Wire Earring Frames

With flattened tips, these oxidized wires are molded into a horseshoe shaped frame and accented with coordination briolette gemstones. With a thinner gauge wire, you can nestle the bead along the end frame or suspend it in the middle top. With coordinating ear wires, this piece is made complete.

7. Copper Beaded Club Earring Wire Frames

These copper wire frame earrings are made with a large bottom hoop in the shape of a club and accented with a coiled bead. Wrapped around and suspended inside the bottom loop, these elongated earrings are made with a thick bold copper wire that captures light from all angles. A small top loop allows these frames to be easily connected to a pair of fish tail hooks.

8. Swan Beaded Drop Earring Wire Frames

With a smooth rounded wire top, these swan beaded drop earrings are made with one piece of brass tone wire, curved and angled to look like a swan shape. With a loop made in the inner frame part, a nice amber glass bead can be hung down for a touch of shine and simplicity.

9. Pearl Beaded Wire Earring Frame

These kidney ear wires are made the focal point of the ear wire frame by adding a few round white pearl beads. Taking advantage of the elongated form in these ear wires, a new design element is added to the piece. To complete it, a nice larger complimentary tone pearl is hung with bead caps and coordinating silver round beads. This piece adds a nice vintage classic look to modern day wear.

10. Triangular Gemstone Ear Wire Frames

Made with gold wire, these ear wire frames are bent inward at the top creating a triangular shape with hooked bottom. With some nice complimentary long cut gemstones, this piece has a modern contemporary look with classic stones and colors.

11. Copper Vineyard Earring Wire Frame

With nice muted deep tones, these copper wire frames are pinched down and coiled back with flattened edges. With a nice natural leaf shape bead added with copper ball pin and daisy spacer on top, a nice little coiled wire piece is attached to create a grape vineyard effect. This is a very earthy piece that allows the beads to dictate its overall design and statement.

12. Silver Leaf Drop Earring Wire Frame

These flattened silver wire leaf shape ear wires are wrapped around with an inner loop. With a nice complimentary wire wrapped drop bead attached to the bottom loop, these piece is perfectly designed for everyday wear or a special occasion.

13. Pearl Ladle Earring Wire Frames

Made with a single long gold ball pin, these earrings are beautifully shaped with a long curve with nestled pearl at the bottom cup. The long ear wire tip sits perfectly at the bottom allowing these simple classic pearl earrings to be easily threaded through the ear as it suspends.

14. Glass Beaded Silver Rounded Wire Frame Earrings

Made with an oxidized silver wire, the earring wire frame is coiled back with a nice wide round circle with suspended glass bead. Flattened the edges and side provide added shine and stability to the piece as the edges are left darkened. A simple ear wire loop back at the top creates an easy insertion into the ear with elongated frame to made the bead the center focus as it is suspended below.

15. Copper Wrap Around Earring Wire Frames

With a nice texture, these copper wire frames are wrapped around before being hammered. With a nice thin wire coiled over the end pieces crossed over, these earrings create a nice tribal look and appeal. A nice square green bead with contrasting color is suspended below with a gemstone bead and wire wrapped back onto the wire frame. These earring wires are secured with a nice ball pin french wire hook.

16. Braided Bead Earring Wire Frames

Made with a thick 18 gauge dead soft wire, these earring wire frames are formed into a flowing zig zag pattern with complimentary beads wire wrapped in the middle with 26 gauge wire. Hammered for some added shine and stability, these pieces are secured with matching fish tail hook.

17. Copper Woven Loop Earring Wire Frame

These copper woven loop earrings are made with a thick gauge soft copper wire. Make an initial loop for the hook at the top and create the first round loop for your earring frame. Continue to wrap around and weave over and around the top frame until you make several loops. Last attach your bead and create a bottom spiral to secure it to your frame. These earrings are fun and creative to make and wear.

18. White Pearl Triangular Wire Frame Earrings

With a nice oval egg shape pearl bead, these silver wire earrings are delicate and simple for everyday wear. With a triangular wire shape, these earrings have an upper coil wrapped under the top loop and secured to french wires.

19. Brown and Silver Hanging Drop Earring Wire Frames

These brown and silver hanging earrings are created with specialty curved spacers but can be modified with curved wire to create the same effect and design. Connected by small jump rings and placed in alternating pattern, the hanging brown beads almost look like rain drops as they fall along its curved pattern. This is a great design for a variety of occasions.

20. Silver Musical Note Earring Wire Frames

These silver musical note earring wire frames almost look like a tremble clef with the way the wire free flows down and around and looped back up. With a floating round bead secured at the bottom, these earrings are simple and classy looking. Coil small seed beads along the outer curves or simply accent with a bead or charm for additional variations.

21. Copper and Green Wave Earring Wire Frames

With a beautiful, wide rounded ear wire that is hammered for strength and shine, the bottom inner loop is used to secure a unique glass teardrop shape bead accented with copper wire wrapped top and bottom bead cap. These earrings are perfect for a classic look or can be incorporated in everyday wear.

22. Sterling Silver Beaded Earring Wire Hoops

These sterling silver hoop earrings are made with a simple round shape and hammered for stability and oxidized for effect. With a beautifully handcrafted enamel bead laying below, a nice wire coil is used on each side to secure the bead while adding a nice design element to the piece. These earrings are very southwestern looking and perfect for daily wear.

23. Copper Swirl Earring Wire Frame

Not all wire frame earrings require an accented bead to capture an added effect. In this copper swirl piece, mixed metal is the single design element in itself. With a nice inner swirl, these wire frames are wrapped around and pinched at the top and secured with a french wire hook.

24. Cup of Joe Earring Wire Frames

Brass wire is used to create several squiggles and wrapped around into a nice handle. With accented mixed metal wire hooks, these earrings make a great conversational piece and are perfectly themed for the coffee enthusiast.

25. Wide Loop Spiral Back Earring Wire Frames

This 18 gauge copper wire is swirled around and hammered on the edge for shine and durability. A nice wire wrapped copper bead is left hanging down below and suspended for beauty and simplicity.

26. Silver Horn Drop Earring Wire Frames

With a double back look, these hammered and textured earring wire frames are coiled along the edge and secured. With a hanging drop bead and wire wrapped top, these beads are delicate and beautifully designed.

27. Silver Drop Wire Earring Frames

Made with silver wire, these drop shaped earring frames are wrapped around and secured with top loop. For an added decorative element, silver wire is coiled along the drop making it a simple yet beautiful piece for everyday wear. These earrings are closed with silver fish tail hooks.


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